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File: Roser Ishuromiya.jpg (50.54 KB, 264x380)
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That Ragyou is one bitch of a mom, huh? It's too bad she's not nearly as loving and kind as say, Rosa.
File: anon wants Rosas dick.jpg (99.04 KB, 1343x278)
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Well, I usually don't tell anyone about it but since you look nothing like Rosa I can tell you this. I would toally fuck Rosa.
her daughter was a complete retard.
rosa did nothing wrong
Who's saying she did anything wrong? This thread is about how Rosa is the superior mother to Ragyou, despite both of their children being retards.
Rosa is the worst mom, but, without love, it cannot be seen.

Yeah. Protecting her daughter with her life, against bunchload of maneating goats. With a gold ingot. And a pen.

Such a shitty mother.
Silly anon, [blue]it was possible for Rosa to die to numerous other reasons! The scene shown isn't a literal representation of what happened! As Occam's Razor suggests, the theory which hinges on bringing in excessive concepts, such as man-eating goats is, is inferior to a theory which doesn't do this![/blue]
If you go by your "blue" logic, anything shown can be just an interpretation. The real Rosa might have even been like Battler shown to Ange, cheerful and pleasant as Kinzo in the very same game.
Acknowledged. This, however, isn't an object of our argument.
To elaborate on my previous statement, the theory that I suggest is this:
[blue]The scene of Rosa's fight with man-eating goats is merely a representation of her fight with small bombs! It was Okonogi standing from a Platform X with a giant barrel full of small bombs, who rained them down upon Rosa and Maria! Goats' bites are a representation of small bombs' detonations, and Rosa protecting Maria from goats is merely her try to shield her from small bombs. This theory makes perfect sense and doesn't bring in such unrealistic concepts as man-eating goats![/blue]
Battlers gameboard doesn't bring any unrealistic concept either. And Rosa's piece in this game contradicts the "bad mother" theorem.
It does. It brings the concepts of existence of "Beatrice" and "Bernkastel". None of them boarded the boat, every family member was present, so it couldn't have been someone posing as them, therefore we can safely assume that they were forest druids which were hiding there for 90 years.
Checkmate, pagans.
File: seacatculprit.jpg (131.48 KB, 1008x482)
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A 58-year-old Chinese woman in Beijing celebrated the New Year by overeating to the point that her stomach exploded. And we mean quite literally exploded… like into flames.

The woman was rushed to a hospital in Suzhou, Jiangsu province with severe abdominal swelling after eating and drinking too much. She was diagnosed with gastrectasia (basically an octuplet-sized food baby) and was immediately sent to the operating room.

Interestingly enough, this alone is apparently not an odd occurrence in China’s hospitals. What was rather unique about this case though, is that her stomach burst into flames during surgery.

And you think your heartburn is bad.

During the operation, her stomach released gas containing ethyl alcohol from drinking earlier. The alcoholic gas came in contact with the surgeon’s electrical surgical knife and caught fire. Unsurprisingly, doctors had to remove the woman’s fire-worn stomach entirely.
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Every thread until we reach the Golden Land.

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