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So after seeing a bunch of threads about this anime on /a/, and how it's ridiculously popular everywhere, I decided to watch it.

I can't believe anybody would enjoy this crap. I couldn't even finish all the episodes.

Here's all I got out of this show after watching it, and seeing through the retarded writing:

>Edgemaster MC who dual wields and carries the power of his inner DARKNESS.

>Female lead is a fucking flawless Mary Sue.

>Apparently the only one in their whole world motivated enough to want to see the real world.

>Boohoo his whole group gets killed in one of the early episodes, sure didn't bother him much afterwards.

>Loses a limb, that's fine they just grow back anyway.

>ACTUALLY DIES, then nope he's perfectly okay.

>The big "twist" is that his ally was his greatest enemy all along!


>Suddenly gets gay ass elf ears too.

No seriously, why are you guys still watching Shingeki no Kyojin? pic unrelated
''hey guys i hate this anime too!''
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>not getting that this is a clone of a previous thread
Anon you got me
your point being?
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File: Doublesguy.jpg (35.24 KB, 598x600)
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>Double trips
Exactly what I was thinking

what the fuck is wrong with the captchas? Mine is a faggy "flowers" with hearts
what the fuck moot
File: 1383793519496.jpg (75.01 KB, 400x315)
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Old copy pasta.

Nice dubs, now check mine.
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people spend too much time thinking about how an anime could be better or whats wrong it; when you expect too much you aren't going to like anything. learn to enjoy, learn to relax.
I think SNK is great. Sword Art Online is not, but it's saved by good action scenes, pretty art, and some high tense situations. If you can turn your brain off and not think about anything that's happening, you can have fun watching SAO. It's relaxing for some reason to me so I use it as background noise at times.
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>and how it's ridiculously popular everywhere, I decided to watch it.

you deserves everything that's coming to you
File: reisendoesn'tcare.png (617.42 KB, 989x1018)
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I think it can be said that SAO is enjoyable to watch, but by no means >good<.

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