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File: bleach3.jpg (107.86 KB, 800x1186)
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>implying your nerves can function below freezing point

top lel

>implying spiritual bodies function like real bodies
File: 1365560569225.gif (601.05 KB, 291x386)
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>implying you were under the impression that any of this is happening
>implying ghost physics = real physics
File: KuboBrilliance.jpg (53.92 KB, 667x441)
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>Implying Kubo isn't just a hack writer coming up with ridiculous explanations for how abilities work and/or are countered.
File: top kek.png (292.19 KB, 600x600)
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is it legit?
File: 1332845520391.jpg (20.99 KB, 640x480)
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What if WHAT IF Byakuya isn't really there? What if Fear Jesus' ability caused this illusion because Rukia is scared of being in Byak's shadow and never being worthy to the family she was adopted into?
That's what needs to happen, but Kubo would never do it at this point.
File: fear.jpg (79.14 KB, 1181x677)
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He's no SUPERSTAR but I do like this villain
When does this trainwreck ride end? Do you already see the light at the end of the tunnel, or will it be milked for another couple of years? I dropped it around the time Aizen was defeated, but I will catch up one day (and IN one day) when it's over.
His vollstandig reminds me too much of Ulquiorra's first release form, but he's still my favorite sternritter.
This arc is fun. Personally it's worth it to me to read it weekly but it might not be for you.

But yeah, it's gonna be years.
I was reading it weekly. But it took about a minute to read the whole chapter (few big panels, little happening)... and the next week I had already forgotten what happened the last chapter.
Technically speaking they can, their only function is to send electrical signals.
If anything the phenomenon known as 'thermal noise' should be dampened by the cold temperatures, in turn improving the conductive capabilities.
Assuming this is 0 Celsius, not 0 Kelvin.
Dunno how that works with a human's CNR though, I'm talking about amplifiers here.
File: 1355499304106.gif (598.03 KB, 320x240)
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>my ghost samurai manga is not scientifically sound in a way that doesnt annoy my autism

>i'll use l3 t0p l3l to fit in
Fucking no one ever fits in by using top lel on /a/.
The moment you say 'lel' in an attempt to deride someone you've already outed yourself as /v/ermin crossposting human trash.
thats why hes such a fuckwit

I'm hoping for a Kuchki Tag-team. Given the amount of pseudo tag-teams we've seen so far, it seems to be going that direction.
>implying a ghost can die
I just wanted to see shunsui and ukitake bankai.
And shunsui is the best shinigami in bleach
i agree

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