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So these two

>Finally confirmed siblings.

What are your feelings on this, /a/?

I always had a feeling about it, they look alike too.
It was sort of to be expected, them being the only ones able to wear a Kamui (and Ragyo, of course, so it seems to be a infused-with-life-fiber thing) and whatnot.

I actually like it, but I think one of them won't survive. And that would be terrible.
Now that the truth is out one of them will likely be Kill la Killed in the next episode or so. My money is on Satsuki.
I hope Satsuski lives through this, it looks like Matoi will most likely survive, but Satsuki got fucked, man. I think I saw her open her eyes at the end, though. Here's to hoping it wasn't my imagination.
>opens her eyes
She says something near the end of the episode. She isn't dead yet.
The preview for the next episode says that the three Heroine's have disappeared, those three being Mako, Ryuko, and Satsuki.

Seems the next couple episodes will focusing on Nudist Beach and the four Devas. followed but will probably be an exposition episode/ power up.

Satsuki may not make it past the final episode but she will probably make it to it. Heroic Sacrifice probably.
>Not surviving and getting the best possible ending
It's like you don't understand secondary heroes at all.
Ryuuko is the most likely to get screwed over the most.
Incoming Gainax ending.
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>suddenly all that fanart and all the doujins are now incest

So is Ragyō Tsumugu's "dead" sister Kinue or what?
I still prefer Ryuuko's ass
You're blind, stupid, and can't read your brail.
I did not like that Matoi is a life fiber hybrid. It really took away anything that's likeable about her.

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