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Hey /a/! Spring is just around the corner and in honour of that I've made a ranking of the edgiest (read: hardcore and awesome!) anime that are coming out

1. Gokukoku no Brynhildr (There's blood and dead girls just like Elfen Lied, cool!)
2. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The main character is a stoic badass who seems like a normal but cool guy but can do anything, just like my fursona!)
3. Sidonia no Kishi (It's like Evangelion, but in space!)
4. Mekaku City Actors (It's like Higurashi but with vocaloid music this time, cool!)
5. Black Bullet (Attack on Titan with guns!? Count me in bro!)
6. Akuma no Riddle (I'm all for equality in sexuality when it comes to being cool badasses, so long as they aren't dudes!)
7. JJBA Stardust Crusaders (Ha ha, MUDADADA! Awesome!)
8. Selector Infected WIXOSS (With a name like that, how could it not be hardcore and awesome!?)
9. Blade and Soul (Her tits are as sharp as that sword, cool! I'm heterosexual!)

What edgy and badass anime are you looking forward to, /a/?
>edgiest (read: hardcore and awesome!)
Please don't misuse words.
Words have feelings too.

How would you feel if some fat Spaniard suddenly broke through your door and did unspeakable things to you?
That's how "edgy" feels right now.

You better apologize.
you forgot mushishi
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>just like my fursona!
I believe OP is being sarcastic.

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