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I enjoyed reading a few chapters of the manga but I dropped over being to busy. Now that I have some spare time I decided to reed the LN but so far I hate it. I found Kyōsuke annoying the story is still interesting but I don’t like the way is told..

Is there something wrong with me /a/?
It's told from Kyousuke's perspective and Kyousuke is dense and somehow forgot important aspects of his past.

It's understandable that it's annoying, but as the story progresses you hopefully experience the same revelations Kyousuke does and it's interesting.
I don't see how it could be annoying, but yes there is something wrong with you. I think it's your fault for reading it when you probably don't like Oreimo in the first place.

And based on your grammar you are most likel6 underage or retarded, so your opinion doesn't hold much weight anyways.
Anonymous, saying something negative about OreImo is roughly akin to making a request thread here on /a/. Regardless of how justified you are, the anons will do their best to kick you off of the internet
that's because OP is a faggot
This is a reminder that Ruri Gokou is the the BEST in my little SisTEr can't Be this cute, and a miracle of the universe because she is a genius, loyal, unselfish, witty, brutally honest, funny, talented, a great sister and a great friend.

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