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So today is the day.
Did you get anything from your assigned Valentine? Did you send anything out?
Have despair taken you?
I've not received any cards yet but I'm holding off on worrying until at least March.
I did get something amazing that I never expected. I'll post it when I get back home. Aside from that, I'm sorry to say that I only just got my cards sent out this morning. I may have bit off more than I could chew with 10 cards. But yeah, some of you will be getting some late valentines cards, so look forward to it maybe.
File: DSC_0141.jpg (1.77 MB, 3264x1836)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
Better late than never.
I got this on Monday.
>Teddy bear
>Ball gag
The mailman now think I'm some sort of deviant.
Funny as hell though.
Sorry for shitty camera.
Oh god. Someone got something like that for secret s/a/nta too, didn't they?
I think so. It's pretty standard but still unexpected. Though he might have asked for it.
I hope the ones I sent a card to posts them because I forgot to take a picture of them and I was pretty happy with how they came out.
I know at least one of them have received it.
File: 1391095076875.jpg (331.61 KB, 800x900)
331.61 KB
331.61 KB JPG
Awesome, you got it! The ball gag is a pain to make stay on the bear's mouth. Also I felt like I had to give it a try, despite my zero bondage experience, as Shino was you're waifu.

Speaking of being a deviant, my amazon is now recommending things that I wish it didn't. Also, a USPS worker had a conversation with me about my gift. She saw me come in with the somewhat large box and while I died inside about the shipping fee's, she asked if "she" was worth it. Needless to say you were, so now we are a couple, at least in the eyes of that USPS worker. Thankfully she didn't scan the item list I had to give her to send it off.
I laughed my ass off when I got it. Only embarrassing bit was that I thought the list of contents on the shipping notice was a joke so I opened it right in front of my dad.
I tried explaining but I don't know if he believed me.
It's also too bad I can't really have it in my bed since, like you wrote, the rope smells really bad.
But it sits here next to me.

Also the chocolate was delicious.
Oh and I hung the card on the wall next to my bed.
Yeah... sorry about that rope. I wasn't sure if it was just the rope I ordered that smelled or if all rope smelt. I also should start wrapping my gifts, I always forget about that, it adds a bit more love to it. Anyways, apologies aside, I'm glad you liked your gift!

I'm gonna check the archive for the ss version of the bondage bear. I want to see what their's looked like.
File: scarf.jpg (441.79 KB, 1500x2000)
441.79 KB
441.79 KB JPG
Okay, here it is - a scarf from Scarfanon! I never thought I'd get one of your scarfs. Thank you so much - I love it!
File: 1305698733945.png (328.88 KB, 1008x358)
328.88 KB
328.88 KB PNG
Still waiting for my Christmas present, I'm sure it will come any minute now
File: 2014-02-14 13.54.04.jpg (140.22 KB, 838x643)
140.22 KB
140.22 KB JPG
Thanks for the awesome card, anon. I'll keep the link and letter to myself.
All the various poses and outfits were really top notch. You really outdid yourself as a card sender.
I hope you only sent bubbles along with it, because the envelope was open when I received it.
File: 1387760502301.jpg (94.24 KB, 600x600)
94.24 KB
94.24 KB JPG
I hope I'm one of them. I signed up for two bonus cards but none have come.
File: 1390063943455.gif (2.52 MB, 400x225)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB GIF
That's cute.
File: photo 2.jpg (691.47 KB, 2046x1534)
691.47 KB
691.47 KB JPG
I got so many awesome things from my anon. Everything here except the cake was from him. So nice.

Pocky, choclates, a lovely card, a cute hand-made card too, ramen, candy canes, a weeaboo mag, a keychain/strap, a 4chan pass, kinder eggs... it's all so great.
File: photo 3.jpg (840.18 KB, 2282x1464)
840.18 KB
840.18 KB JPG
Wait... these aren't Kinder Eggs...

File: 1296588563675.jpg (148.40 KB, 824x720)
148.40 KB
148.40 KB JPG
Oh my.
File: 1263337911889.png (37.48 KB, 200x200)
37.48 KB
37.48 KB PNG
What if my Anon's gift never arrived? It should have gotten there by now.
why are there 2 threads?
use >>102049069
that's the main one, blue's there too
I'm pretty late to reply, but initials?

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