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Osu! thread

Search for "/a/" in multiplayer filter, password is always rage.

>How do I play?

>What is this timer why can't I download a map?
Pending/graveyard maps often have cooldown timers before you can download them. Use bloodcat.com/osu and search for the name of the map to bypass this. Or you can pay peppy.

>You guys are playing too hard maps!
You can activate mods individually for yourself and choose easy+no fail. Or you can create a new room, that's fine too.

>What are the rules?
Once the room have finished playing a song that you have chosen, pass the host down to the next player. Do this by clicking on their name and choosing to pass host.

Host gets to choose what map, mods (if any), and what mode to play.
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I'm still not too sure how the new ranking system works. Does every song you complete contribute to your pp? Does it factor in other things such as your total accuracy/score?
It's basically tp now. http://osutp.net/info
and it's terrible. with a dance number SS is only worth like 180 tp? lel
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Why can't you watch the replays in the friend list ranking? Wouldn't be hard to implement, would it?
I think peppy only records the actual replay files for the top x scores, to save space. The replays you want to view probably don't exist.
You should post it on the suggestions forum. But that would require saving every single replay instead of just the top50 onto ppy's server which might be too much.
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Room died. And so will this thread.

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