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This is a thread specifically directed at the PC master race, nobody else has any reason to be in this thread. Please close and find another thread while we have a discussion. It may come off as trolling (unintentionally) and the purpose is not to start a shit flinging contest.

We have reached a fundamental problem in our method's my brothers of the master race.
Our standard practice has been to preach the obvious superiority of the PC platform, and assist people in building their own master race machines. This has worked for us in the past 10 years especially during the failure of the PS3 and 360 as consoles. Now that the PS4, XB1, and WIIU have been released and have shown to be even vastly inferior to the last generation of consoles more and more console gamers have been switching to the master race. Or so they think.
The problem starts with the fact 99.9% of these people are still peasants. And instead of obiding by proper practices such as avoiding DRM what is the first thing they always do? Install steam.

The result is staggering. Instead of being the downfall of gaming on a minor scale they become the downfall of PC gaming directly. Ever wonder why RTS is dead? Why MOBAs are so popular? Why good shooters like quake died in obscurity while casual garbage like counterstrike and TF2 reigns supprem, why call of duty sits on steam's best sellers for 2 months every time it's released? Console peasant converts, now valvedrones.

Next post...
Hi /v/.

Pls go
Fuck, wrong place.
Ignore this, can't delete threads anymore because moot is retarded.
I want /v/ to leave.

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