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I hope you don't disregard me because I'm requesting an anime, but please bare with me. I have been searching my ass off the internet for searching this specific anime about a samurai I watched in my teens, years ago.

The thing that sticked with me most is the opening of that anime; every episode starts with these samurais wearing a tengu mask and they tell/sing a poem. Every episode the poem is different and they tell it in a very traditional way. It is also accompanied by some sort of dance.

Also, the first episode it appears the (main) samurai dies, but then got brought back to live. I think he couldn't die or something. Also the main character and his friend fight over a women(?). It's all very vague, except for the opening, which is fresh in my mind.

I hope you can help me, as I REALLY want to watch it over! Thanks in advance.

pic obviously not related.
Samurai Jack
boku no pico
My Little Samurai Can't be this Cute

if not


if not

Google some more

Glad to be of service
Samurai X?
I tried, I've been searching for an hour before making this post
Nope I thought it had a Japanese name...
Samurai Flamenco
Samuru-Rai Ecksu
Samurai Champloo doesn't quite fit your description, but who knows

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