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Alright, I just read the last 5 volumes(8-12) of Naru Taru/Shadow Star. Uh..... hm.

Ending is basically End of Evangelion, but the journey there is... more depressing? More nhilistic? More despairing of the nature of humanity? I thought it was better written, at least.

I haven't read Bokurano, how would /a/non compare the two?
Narutaru is better because Eva really made no sense at all. I found the characters to be more sympathetic too.
bokurano is more structured, i guess. it's not as ambigious. pretty kickass though
End of Eva made no sense because once Rei fused, they start pulling all sorts of supernatural shit that wasn't in Eva before.

In Naru Taru the ending is kind of logical given what's known before volume 7.

It was kinda lol how the last panels look almost exactly like the last scenes of EoE, though.
I cried when Shiina gets chopped
That was more of a "jawdrop" moment for me....

Oh, and someone please remind me if Kuri is a boy or a girl? I thought she was a girl, and in the last chapter she even looks pregnant, but in the last panels it looks like she's drawn with a penis?
they are shiina/kuri daughter/son
But doesn't Kuri get raped in book 11, and the guys don't mention anything about Kuri being a guy, like they did for Norio...
they're the kids not shina and kuri
That makes sense, thanks. So Kuri was pregnant too, from the rape?
yeah go with that

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