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I never have watched gundam seed and destiny and im gonna try watching them this time.
but it seems this two series both have 50 series (or w/e you call them) so it takes some guts to actually try them.
so i'm just asking simply if this 1st season seed and 2nd season destiny is worth wathcing.
i heard lots of talks that seed is a magnificent shit .
what do you think?
[oh and i'm gonna try the remaster one for both]
gundam seed is in my opinion quite good while gundam seed destiny doesnt become good till around episode 18 somewhere
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If you haven't watched any Gundam shows you might like Seed a lot actually. It's not bad, just not the best Gundam show either. Haven't watched Destiny yet myself.
seed and destiny got me into mecha, now i have a shelf of SEED, destiny, 00, and classic gunpla, dont watch the SEED remastered, the original is better, the remastered is going out of its way to make kira look like he did nothing wrong by making people he killed idiots -cough- nicol -cough- and it seems more like what he saw happen as oppose to what happend, i didnt watch the destiny remaster much, just the occasional episode, it seems alright

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