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Looking for a really great site to watch some awesome series. I don't want anything mainstream from the states. Doesn't need subs and can even cost money. Please and thanks. Img, unrelated.
don't stream
Why you should not download anime~

Some known sources to download anime:

I will now go in depth about why each one is terrible.

Nyaa is as suspicious as it sounds. There are new viruses called "catz" which stand for "Computer Anti-Tech Zebras". Zebras are code for Trojans (they look alike, hence the name, and cath sounds worse anyways).

BakaBT, as the name suggests, makes you realize you are an idiot the second you download something. Viruses fucking galore.

TokyoToshokan. Toshokan actually means killer in Japanese. By using this website, a virus called Tokyo (Tom's Old Komputer YUO OIP). (YUO and OIP are some serious technical shit.) These render your computer useless.

#news takes on a new form of downloading called XDCC. Basically, you can watch anime as you download it. However, this means that the virus is also activated as it is downloaded. Therefore, by the time you finish watching, the virus will have come to it's final form, and your computer compromised.

AnimeTake is also a giveaway. Just look at the name. You get anime from it, it takes your personal identity. That's already bad enough.

AnimeTosho is bad for similar reasons to TokyoToshokan.

AnimeSenshi. Senshi is Japanese for warrior. In other words, it installs a virus that enters your computer, seiges your firewall, and cuts down all the necessary files for your computer.

Mediafire is a place where some hackers will upload anime for other people to download. Don't believe these seemingly generous people. The files get in and sets all your media on fire.

In other words, you should NOT download anime no matter what you do.
woah, problem solved.
>checking comments
woah, problem solved.
Linux masterrace here
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He's lying
Thank you. n_n

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