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Sometimes, manga and animes take completely a different path, or arcs of original stories may be banned from their anime adaptation for length or audience reasons.

In your opinion, what are the mangas that deserve reading even after seing their anime adaptation, or surpass their anime adaptation ?

I'd say Akira, Appleseed, Nausicaa, GITS, Berserk, Claymore, NHK, Gantz, Trigun and that would be all for now since I don't usually bother to read/watch both.

What about you ?
Vinland Saga will surpass even its non-existent anime adaptation
Loveless. The anime eded with a big LOL PLOT TWIST, GO BUY THE MANGA FAGGOT
Bokurano (FUCK YOU GONZO). Well, 99% of gonzo's anime adaptations.
GTO, too.

Yes, there was an anime.
This thread is now about how much the NHK manga sucks.
I always like it when the anime and manga take different paths. Because then there's actually reason to see one when you've already seen the other.

The HiME manga is not as good as the anime overall, but if you *really* liked the anime and are interested in seeing a more light-hearted/harem comedy/fanservice-ey take on it it's worth reading.

The Otome manga is much closer to the anime in quality (some even say it's better than the anime), so it's definitely worth a read if you liked the anime at all and can put up with about 10 times the mindless fanservice.
Chrno fucking Crusade. Fuck you Gonzo. As usual.

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