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Holy shit. This is like Detective Conan's inspiration. 2014 just keeps getting better
Oh shit. What's with all the new adaptations/remakes of old series recently?
I'm still pissed off Tokyopop split one of the cases into two volumes and expected you to pay as much as a non split volume twice
Don't mind me, just bumping your thread.
Oh I think this crossed over with Conan once in something, that's where I heard of it

I was disappointed nobody had done any significant work in scanning this. Not even scans of the Tokyopop release
It's almost like studios are trying again.

Except for Shaft and KyoAnus of course.
I wonder if this means the original anime will get translated.
The original anime has old fansubs, I know I saw them up to the case with the lavender flowers
I was going to make a thread last night, but I knew it would die too quickly.

I hope all nine of you show up to the lives.
OP here. Don't worry. I'll be there
So they can inflict the final stab against nostalgiafags and shit all over it.
Hopefully now somebody will do it. Right?

Either way, I'm looking forward to it.
See you there.

I was watching the most recent LA movie recently. It was cheesy, but I couldn't turn away.
I guess we can see if this sparks interest.
By the way, it's getting put in the timeslot right before Detective Conan, replacing Space Bros

Anyway, hyped as fuck.
>New AA
>SDR2 localization RIP fan translation
>New Kindaichi anime
A great time to be a mysteryfag
I loved Kindachi
brb looking up scans

Oh fuck.

Its like Japan is trying again.

One of my favourite manga.

Fucking loved the clock town and snowstorm mysteries.
The OP and ED were all good tier. Much better than the typical Jpop and Jrock crap on Conan, at least Kindaichi had less mainstream shit going on

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