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Happy V/a/lentines!

Today I bring you the prologue and part of the first chapter from "GioGio's Bizarre Adventure 2: Golden Heart, Golden Ring"... in italian.

This is an opensource project, so if someone is willing to translate or help, please contact me (if no one volunteers I guess I'll end up doing it myself).

>Her neighborhood bullies called Coni “the inmortal”. It didn't matter how many times they'd abuse her, she'd always get up again without a single bruise.
>It was because she had a secret. A secret that she'd never tell anyone and that made her live a life of isolation and loneliness.
>Nowadays, Coni is a young woman who spends her days wondering why her life goes on by inertia, while dealing with her housekeeping work at a hotel.
>However, her life changes radically when the criminal organization known as “Passione” discovers what her secret is about and decides to use it without her knowledge to eliminate a group of young deserters on the run.
>A vile and inhuman plan, whose fulfillment is about to sink the entire city of Venice into horror...

pastebin VS7GEhXD

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