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Not only has trigger taken your waifu and made her right, it's not even a "She was right". It's a "She was right, and if you still hate her or call her out on her bullshit dictatorship you will be called an autistic manchild who can't let go". Because that's what they've done. They've made her un-hatable. Because she was planning to overthrow her mother since age 5, so all those people whose lives were crushed, too fucking bad. She was right. All those people who died, they actually didn't because apparently satsuki can both have her cake and eat it too.


On the upside

>Satuski kills her mother
>Starts spouting pseudo-orwellian bullshit
>Her mother re attaches her head
>Calls satsuki out
>Proceeds to beat the fuck out of her daughter with her bare hands
>After Fingering her in public
>Tells her she's worthless without her kamui
>Steals her daughters Kamui, and wears it better

Slutsuki Status:

[ ] Not told
Use the fucking catalog.
>Mad as fuck a character is more charismatic than you will ever be
Fuck off.
So we'll hate her.
But Satsuki is best girl and she's still best girl.
You can't win every battle and for the first time Satsuki has been out leagued, she'll use this defeat to come to grips with her imperfection and build stronger resolve on top of it.

Of course not after Ryouko punches her in the face and tells her onee-chan to not lose her way.

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