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Ok, /a/nons, while plebs roll around full of incestual faggotry, let's have old good KlK conspiracy thread. All predictions so far have been correct: alien origin of shit, Ragyo being LF mutant, Satsuki-Ruyko family theory. Let's throw in few more:[br][br]

Isshin Matoi willingly killed himself or let Senketsu consume him. Scissors were created with that in mind.[br]
Abovelisted was counter-plan to Sensei's betrayal. He is the actual villain behind everything; Raguo is just a martyr / tries to save everyone.[br]
Monkey confirmed for another LF mutant. Two stars aren't 9, but still a big deal, compared to weak, low-compatible no-star (Satsuki)[br]
Mankanshoku confirmed for Creator of Fibers. Pic related.[br]][br]
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Nonon is an archipelago.
Mozart is alive.
Maiko will appear again never ;_;
>All predictions so far have been correct:
You're not serious, are you?
Of course you are going to eventually hit, if you put out million of theories in every possible direction.
For example there were a lot more theories that life-fiber are made from humans than aliens...which i actually have never heard before until the reveal episode
Satsukill and Ryuko are sisters
Screencap this
>All predictions so far have been correct

No, you just conveniently forget all the other predictions which didn't end up coming true. /a/'s prediction ability, beyond stating the obviously foreshadowed bits, is just monkeys on a keyboard.
I'm willing to believe there will be an Aikuro tweest of some sort, simply because it looks like we're moving into final battle territory (srsly, Ragyo's keikaku appears to be moving into place, and she's not going to let Ryuko run away safely the say Satsuki historically has.

We still have what? 6, 7 episodes until the series ends? Makes me think there's no way Ragyo can be lasto bossu
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Aikurou was a one of the biggest red herrings in anime for a long time
He looked like he was in place to be any type of huge factor in the show. He turns out to be little more than a stylish naked exposition machine
I'd be surprised if someone was forgetting the hundreds of posts about how Mako will die every week since episode... 6 or 7? I haven't seen it as much recently, but damn, those guys were persistent.

Almost Every freaking episode.

Now we have the Gamakofags and the Monkeyfags copypasta shitposters.

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