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Dear /a/,

A couple weeks ago, I had a dentist appointment that a family member had scheduled for me on my behalf, and then failed to tell me about.

Needless to say, given that the appointment was scheduled near the butt-crack of dawn, I promplty slept through it.

Then I got a letter from them informing me that missing an appointment without calling ahead gets you a $54 fine. I ignored it, planning to pay the debt the next time I was in the office.

I got a new letter this week. This time the dollar amount was highlighted in red, and at the bottom of the page there was something new:

"If you are unable to pay your balance at this time, there are alternative methods you may be able to take."

I just put together the thought that my dentist has really tiny drills. Should I pay the balance, or...
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Don't fuck with dentists, they'll break into your house and steal your teeth right out of your gums while you sleep.
Someone work some magic and turn that into a kickass wallpaper.
Get your dickhead of a family member to pay it off.
File: 1205415273813.jpg (40 KB, 640x480)
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Apparently having it marked down on a calender I never look at in a room I rarely go into makes it my responsibility.
Wait what? You pay a fine for missing an appointment?

Is that a government dentist or something or did you sign a fucking contract to make the appointment? What is that shit?
Oh you mean the calendar in the locked filing cabinet in the darkened room down the broken flight of stairs? Did you see the "Beware of the Leopard" sign?
File: 1205415669547.jpg (34 KB, 500x281)
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ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥ ざわ‥‥
That's standard procedure. If you waste the time of the dentist(or any doctor for that matter), you pay a fee of around that sum. They could have a paying customer there if you had cancelled in time.
standard procedure where?

Jesus christ i always thought going to mexico for my dentistry was risky, but american dentists threaten to break your kneecaps if you dont show up?
Most dentists in the states do this. They're buy people; and if you miss an appointment without giving them a heads-up, they charge you a fee. They could be working on a patient who needs something done and will be able to pay them, instead of watching the clock and waiting for you.
>>They're buy people;
>>They're busy people;

Self fix'd.

And yeah, that's the one. Atleast my house isn't going to get demolished.
>And yeah, that's the one. Atleast my house isn't going to get demolished.
Yes... about that... You know that planet you seem to be so fond of?

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