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When are we going to get an anime about Metal Idols?
It would be the most cringeworthy shit ever for anyone that actually likes metal so never I hope
File: metal-nerds.jpg (37.69 KB, 602x402)
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anyone who likes metal is a cringeworthy loser (man)child already, so it's okay

Ah, but for those of us who don't, it would be amazingly hilarious.

And you never know, people who liked tanks seem not to mind GuP. Japan doesn't always fuck it up.
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Visual-Kei anime when?
I like metal, but find the whole thing outside of the music cringeworthy.
Even bands that mock the genre are cringe inducing (or even more since they try so hard).

Kinda like detroit metal city is awesome because it makes fun of the metal scene but at the same time reflects things that you actually like and shit. I don't see the problem.

Look at this faggots:
I'd love to hear them complain about how it's not real metal because this or that, while I enjoy moe metal.
What kind of public personas do metal idols have? Are they sleazy and wild like normal metal band dudes?
the whole idol industry is based on exactly... idolizing people, so I guess they must have some sort of persona, but since they are marketed towards neckbeards I guess they are virginal while also praying to satan, not like japan actually cares about western religion.

I doubt they are like gallhammer.
>Mika Penetrator
Oh lordy.
Best Key girl.

One of them even married a guy from a black metal band, I forgot which one.
this one
Which is pretty cool, mayhem and gallhammer are both good bands.
They look like good girls

Wait, what do you mean middle aged men can't be idols?
They are, most people in bands are just nice, simple.
Although marrying is like killing a children or worse in the idol industry isn't it?

Also the girl from Boris has a children with someone from the band I think, they are like a road traveling family, which is cute when you see them hanging outside with the fans and shit.

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