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I just finished the Baki anime (now reading the manga from the part 2 and on), but I watched it to motivate me while running in the treadmill.

can anyone recommend me any other martial arts or sports anime to watch while training?

I already watched:

All seasons of Ippo (waiting for the next chapters to release).
Dragon Ball
Hokuto no Ken
Souten no ken
Saint Seiya
Samurai Champloo

I'm looking for something on the lines of Tough, Shamo or Garouden, but those do not have anime version.

Thanks in advance /a/nons.
I'm sure you already know kenichi, but it has an anime, if you didn't knew.

Also, if you don't mind the eechi, Ikki Tousen is fun.
I miss Air Master on that list. Also, Fighitng Beauty Wulong.

Shigurui is more a samurai show than martial arts but probably will fit your tastes too

>Ikki Tousen is fun.

Ikki Tousen was fun season one, Dragon Destiny was painful to watch, from there onwards...is better to avoid it.
I find the lack of answers disturbing, because there are tons of manga with this thematic, but it seems the anime adaptations are scarce.
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Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!
That's exactly the reason, if you ask for martial arts it includes like 999 of each 1000 anime. And most of them doesn't have much focus on martial arts itself.

It's like "steampunk" some people would say is a very extended trope because you see traces of it in lot of settings but if you try to search for pure steampunk anime there is only a few.

what about mainly man doing mainly things?

already did that, but I was hoping the /a/utism would help me more here
I guess you are right. There are few series as focused on pure fighting as Ippo, Baki, Garouden and Tough.

I would kill for a well done Tough anime.
This series is such shit,
I assume its the patron manga of /fit/, with all the fucked up mutant musculature?
Air master and Fighting Beauty Wulong are nice.

Dont know if you can find proper subtitles for FBW thought. I remember I watched it with really shitty subs
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there are more manga about tough dudes then anime regrettably. i don't think we'll get any anytime soon.

the art is bad but holy shit the fights keep you entertained.
I'll download them to see, I just need them to be long enough to last me until the cold weather passes a little so i can go run outside again.
it annoys me how doppo seems like he's much stronger in his fight with Dorian than how he was during the initial tournament.

I get he's trained and shit, but to beat so easily a man who is depicited to be at least on par with Kaio, who defeatd his genious katsumi with a single punch?

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