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Kanon 100% Spoiler Summary by FKS

We are not getting more development from last chapter this week as this chapter is about the magical girl Kanon. Yes, that's her.
First story: The little Kanon is with the manager near the concert hall when a man comes to talk about some problem. A stench comes out from the hall and the spectators have turned into fish. The stench is spreading to the Earth. All this is the work of a fish. Kanon has to transform and stand on the scene to sing in order to turn the accursed people back to normal. The defeated culprit fish talks to Kanon and invites her to its town (though it's in the sea). Okada celebrates the success of the concert with sushis.
Second story: Bell Mark talks with Kanon about her debut. A car arrives and the girls remind her of the live concert. Bell Mark leaves with them. Kanon is back to the office and her manager tells her how tough it is for idols to make their debut. Kanon is told by Okada that she is already a star at this point, to which Kanon does not think it is true.
Third story: Kanon is holding a Valentine gift and needs to give it to someone. She sees Keima and is hesitant about giving it to him. She transforms to find some courage. Her gift has turned into the heart shape. She has her mind set on giving it to him to find that Keima has turned into a fish. Elsie discusses with him about his appearance, and Kanon ends up giving it to her manager instead. FIN.
That's it. TWGOK is dead to me.
Fuck this.
Wakaki can take his series and shove it.
I must say that before I started writing this summary, I expected a regular chapter where the latest development'd be explained. But we're getting some spinoff stories instead. Well, I guess it's a normal thing, considering we're in a particular period.
Remember: Girls who get spinoffs, lose.
Tenri's already won.
More shity Kanon 100% means another shitty OVA will be coming soon.
>Kanon 100%
Worst birthday ever.
Kanon ruined TWGOK.
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Ehh, I think the magical girl Kanon chapters were merely a sign that the series was dead, not its death itself.

Oh well, at least the series gave us the delicious goddesses and their hosts before the end.
Chinese scans are out:

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