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Why are "Magical Girl" Animes so garbage
They're uninteresting, dull plot, below average fights Most of the time
Because they are cute
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But I loved HOP STEP JUMP.
Why did you put "magical girl" in that sentence when it would work just as well without it.

Is that really they're Genre titles?
Why is J.D shitposting?
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you know, for what is genuinely thought of as the most "generic" of all genrse, and the one that comes to mind when most think of anime, there really aren't anymore than a few handfuls of them.
Anime in general is garbage.
If anyone is shit posting its you, because this is a valid topic
There are some really good ones.

Cardcaptor Sakura is mainstream as fuck, but it's good. And Princess Tutu is really good.

What we need are more Tokusatsu-esque superhero animes.

I want a new version of classic Tekkaman.

Watch Samurai Flamenco.

Thanks. That looks really good.
;^) gr8 b8 m8
godammit /a/non
This brings me back
are they still making shugo chara?

No. They killed it with the third seaspn. Oh well, they already animated the best parts of the manga, so it's not too big of a loss.
Since magical girl series generally deal with conflicts between people they're usually better than the young male centered equivalents that usually focus on power levels cobbled together with the thinnest trappings of "protecting your friends." They're shit to the extent that they're largely marketing material and not intended to be particularly deep.

Unless you mean like adult-oriented series like Utena or Princess Tutu, in which case you should kill yourself.
>No anime about both a group of magical girls and a group of transforming, all-male hero rangers
>They're both told that they have to defeat some evil organization
>They keep 'cutting in on each other's turf' during the conflict
>The magical girls have a cute pet-mascot who tells them that only they can defeat the evil power, while the rangers have a mysterious talking, holographic head or something that tells them only they can defeat the great evil
>Turns out the mascot and giant head are long-time rivals trying to settle a bet
>Rangers using all kinds of wicked martial arts and high-tech semi-magical weapons. They're fueled by their love of justice.
>Magical girls using all-magical attacks and powers. They're fueled by friendship and love.

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>bait here bait there

This macro is shit.
all this delicious bait
I actually really enjoyed fate/kalied. Moreso than DEEN/stay night.
Especially the fight with Saber. Dat remix...
All right, what would make a good magical girl story, in your opinion, OP?

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