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I can't take it any longer, /a/, where are all my traps, my gender swaps, gender bender, crossdressing, whatever you want to call it?!

I need more. I need more. I think I've seriously read everything there is that's translated. My hunger for boys becoming girls or boys dressing as girls, mistaken for girls...it's insatiable.

Don't you love it, anon, don't you?
Yeah, boys turning into girls and learning to love the dick is definitely one of my top fetishes. Is that gay? I don't care.
The vast majority of people who draw gender bender manga are incompetent scumbags.
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>google images

It's unfortunate, but true. My dick doesn't care, I just need my fix.
traps are mentally ill
>implying anyone cares
This is /a/, anon. Not /pol/

That shame, that "My best bro can't be this cute..."

I dream about these scenarios every night, I live them in my dreams and waking up is the worst part of the day.

Those developing feelings of love toward someone who was just a friend before (whatever change)

I just can't get enough of it.

That phrase
"But I'm a boy"
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Forgot picture
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The typical feminine guy forced into crossdressing is also tantalizing. Just imagining how flushed your face would be as you stand before your horny classmates oogling you..
I just wish the trap fad would die already, to be honest.
It seems like there are no traps this season...what gives?

Anon, I've got some news for you...

This is my life, anon.
I don't give a shit what you say.
I think it's a fad. Before 2008, traps were pretty unpopular. Then they reached a populari8ty peak in 2009-2010, and have been going down since then, although perhaps not fast enough.
I will never give up my traps. Never.

I still wouldn't call something that lasts around 2008-2014 a fad.
I can't take it any longer, /a/, where are all my story driven manga with good art?!

I need more. I need more. I think I've seriously read everything there is that's translated.

"Sketchy" = incomplete
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I support this thread
So... what's wrong with real girls?
File: ruirui.jpg (65.80 KB, 500x281)
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I support this thread.


But boys make better girls
File: 1391900164100.jpg (2.91 MB, 3200x3200)
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2.91 MB JPG
What about girls that were originally boys?
File: urushibara_ruka.jpg (440.50 KB, 1280x720)
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File: rui.gif (868.17 KB, 500x281)
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Question: has there ever been or will there ever be a better trap than Rui?
Here is a bump
What about Ryo?
Ato no Matsuri
Balance Policy
Blue Drop
Boku no Geboku ni Nare
Boku to Boku
Bokura no Hentai
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Chigake-chan Black
Gisou Honey Trap
Himitsu no Akuma Chan
Hourou Musuko
Jousou Shounen Anthology Comic
Kanojo ni Naru Hi
Miki no Houkago
Onnanoko Tokidoki Otokonoko
Past Future
Prunus Girl
Renai Idenshi XX
Sazanami Cherry
Sekainohate de Aimashou
Sensei Anone

Took me forever to type this shit on tablet, somebody recommend me more things
Also pretty much anything scanned by Hachimitsu scans is fair game
Here's a list of genderbending manga I've put together along with what occurs within then:

Adolescence Avatar - Transformation
After School Nightmare - Bizarre
akane-chan overdrive - Bodyswap
Alice on Deadlines - Possession
Ame Nochi Hare - Transformation
Ani ga Imouto de Imouto ga Ani de - Bodyswap
Artificial Maiden - Transplant
Asuka Hybrid - Transformation
Balance Policy - Transformation
Beast 9 - Bodyswap
BlazBlue Remix Heart - Transformation
Conveni-N - Transformation
Blue Drop - Transplant
Boku Girl - Transformation
Boku No Shotaiken - Transplant
Boku wa Mari no naka - Bodyswap(?)
Boukun Tyrano-san Taruby - Possession
Change H - Anthology (with multiple storylines)
Cheeky Angel - Delusion
Click - Transformation(?)
Conveni-N - Transformation
CUTExGUY - Transformation
Danshi-ing Girl - Bodyswap
Dou Danjo - Bodyswap
Entrans! - Transformation
Fire Candy - Bizarre
Fukigen Cinderella - Transformation
Fukushima Metamo Kiss - Bodyswap
Futaba-kun Change - Transformation
Futari no Himitsu - Bodyswap
Gacha Gacha - Transformation
Grant My Wish Aizen - Transformation
Gyakuten Honey - Bodyswap
Haikyo Circle - Transformation
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara - Transformation
Idol Pretender - Transformation
Im Not Spy - Bodyswap
Joshi Shougakusei Hajimemashita - Possession
Jun-ai Sensation - Possession
Kakumei no Hi - Transformation
Kampfer - Transformation
Kanojo ni Naru Hi - Transformation
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ - Transformation
Kedamono Damono - Transformation(different personality)
Mahou Shounen Majorian - Transformation
Mahou Zakkaten Vi Via - Transformation
Mao Marimo - Transformation
Megu Milk - Transformation
Moriyama Daisuke Tanpenshu - Possession
My Barbaric Girlfriend - Bodyswap
My Childhood Friend Turned into a Girl - Transformation
My Father is a Loli - Transformation
Naisho no Otome Revolver - Transformation(?)
Night Witch Variable Witch - Transformation
No Side - Possession
Not Lives - Possession
Nyotai-ka - Transformation
Okitsune-sama de Chu - Transformation
Ore Twin-Tail ni Narimasu - Transformation
Otome no Iroha - Transformation
Oyajina! - Transformation
Panikuru Iko-san - Transformation
Pretty Face - Transformation(?)
Ranma - Transformation
Raven;od - Transformation(different personality)
Return - Transformation
Sai Taker Futari no Artemis - Transformation
Saikyou mahou shoujo Akira - Transformation
Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou - Transformation
Sekainohate de Aimashou - Transformation
Shonen Linda - Transformation
Shut Hell - Possession
Strange Mansion - Transformation
Tayutama - Kiss on My Deity - Transformation
Tomodachi Kara Yoroshiku Desu - Transformation
Tsukiyo no Fromage - Transformation
Urara-chan no Naka no Hito - Possession
Vampire Doll - Transplant
Woman in the Man - Bodyswap
Yamada-kun to 7 Nin no Majo - Bodyswap
Yukarism - Possession
Is Ryo a fleshed-out, well-written, empathetic broken hero character who we see lose everything and then slowly heal as he gets to know the kindness of other people?
File: 1391735660622.jpg (86.48 KB, 640x512)
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86.48 KB JPG
I'm searching for a manga where the boy has to continue his mother's work as Mahou Shoujo. I can't remember its name. Please help.
Should have marked which are romance/ecchi as well, but thanks for the list. I forgot to put Idol Pretender in my original post, oops.
Oto x Maho
I love you.
File: have_sex_with_me.jpg (337.27 KB, 949x1400)
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Your best friend shows up gender swapped at your door and ask you to fuck him, do you comply?
Depends which friend, but probably most of them.

Some of them would make pretty ugly girls.
what is this
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