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What is the best worst anime you've ever seen?

An anime that's so bad that you can't even begin to defend it, but it's precisely because of that awful quality that you love it so much.
musashi gundoh
inferno cop
Man I do not fucking get it.
Maybe it's because I watched Geist years after release so I wasn't around when everyone was hyping the shit out of it. But that is honest to god my favourite anime. It's just fucking perfect. What on earth can you complain about? It's one cool motherfucker killing every god damn thing while wearing the coolest fucking exosuit ever invented for an hour or so while the best god damn soundtrack ever conceived plays in the background.
Neko sugar cats
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The only people who hate MD GEIST, MOST DANGEROUS SOLDIER, are turbogeeks from MAL
Chargeman Ken, and more recently Mahou Sensou
Oh you just couldn't help it, could you? Cheeky cunt
I love Afro Samurai but since it isnt cute girls doing dumb shit I hate shit taste apparently.
Fucking Garzey's Wing man.
I spent years tracking down the soundtrack.
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.hack//Legend of the Twilight

Loved everything else, from .Hack, but this needs to no exist.
School Days
>What on earth can you complain about?
Its length. Too short.

Also the fact that the MD Geist universe is interesting, but is absolutely not developed at all.

Who needs development when Geist is biting peoples faces off?

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