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Can we have a thread about psychedelics/drugs in Manga?

This here is Ultra Heaven. This is the kind of manga that starts off absolutely insane, and leads the storytelling in such a way that it truly feels like a DMT trip (this comes from much experience with mind-manifesting drugs including DMT). It's kind of like the shadow of "Brave New World"... It runs along that theme and nature but its settings are opposite. Ultra Heaven takes place in the East, and puts more emphasis on the addict/drug dealer as well as the world of big pharma. After my 5th time reading it, I finally realized why it ended where it did, and how the events really transpired.

If this thread doesn't generate interesting discussion, there should at least be some good recommendations including this one, which I honestly would call a masterpiece, or a hidden gem.
I saw a post about Ultra Heaven on this board about 3 or so months ago, and I picked it up after reading the description because I thought it was interesting. It was MUCH MORE than that.

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