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Is it required to watch tsubasa and Card Captor Sakura before I watch this?
But was'nt the characters related?

How will I understand the story?
They are not really related, let's say that someone is a merchant and someone is a customer.
Later on yes. Well you should watch CCS first anyway because it's a classic and fun series. The early/mid parts of it are mostly extremely independent and self-contained, there are passing references here and there but you only see hints of the connections. It's not until much later that it really starts to come together. So feel free to go through the first parts whenever.

If you like modern Clamp shit at all though then you might as well read the others first. Why wouldn't you?
Let me rephrase the question:

Is the cast of xxxholic also the cast from CCS and Tsubasa
>Card Captor Sakura

Watch this


Don't watch this.
Not required unless you are planning on reading the manga so both Tsubasa and Holic make sense, for the anime it just makes it more enjoyable, I guess. You must watch CCS, even if you don't plan to watch/read any other CLAMP shit.
>They are not really related, let's say that someone is a merchant and someone is a customer.
They are later, though probably most of us dropped it long before it really got to that part (I only know because I saw a later volume in like B&N and just skipped about 8 volumes to see wtf was going on).

also this. CCS is old-clamp and worth watching on its own. Tsubasa chronicle and later kind of fucked it all up in some ways, though not as badly as other such efforts have.
Tsubasa is only related to xxxHolic by a flimsy thread and CLAMP's general amateur sameface problem that ties all of their series together by their inability to draw at a professional level.
Read/watch CCSakura first.
Then read the manga for tsubasa and read/watch xxxholic at the same time.
Here is the proper way to do it.

> Watch CCS
> Become a Lexicon
> Ignore Tsubasa
> Ignore xxxholic
> Go outside
> Stalk little girls
File: Tomoyo01.jpg (124.18 KB, 597x889)
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ccs is the only clamp one that's really must-see, though chobits and angelic layer had some charm too.

then at some point they suddenly went to that new hyper skinny sameface "style" on purpose. fuck damn it.
>Is the cast of xxxholic also the cast from CCS and Tsubasa
Even if they are, I refuse.
Something something car crash.
How come /a/ says watching CCS turns you into a lolicon

I've seen it, and I'm still normal.
Watch CCS if you want, it's good but not as strongly linked to xxxHolic as Tsubasa is. Then read xxxHolic and Tsubasa, the anime for both of them are full of fillershit and hardly worth your time except for maybe the soundtrack. They link up in a very minor way at the start, and then in an important way nearer the end. You don't have to read both I guess, but you'll get to a point where some shit happens and you might need to google to understand it all if you only read one.
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But you're on /a/, so that's impossible.
Its cute not pedo
First of all don't watch xxxholic or tsubasa chronicles. They're bad.
CCS is barely related.
Tsubasa is required, though not until quite far in.
The tsubasa and xxxholic manga are excellent.

Conversely do Watch chobits.
File: Door - Ep 22 [05.40].gif (258.99 KB, 600x450)
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Very cute.
>Why wouldn't you?
CCS's shitness exceeds that of even GTO.
Worst scans on the internet.
File: Opening 01 [00.07].gif (2.02 MB, 440x330)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF
You could buy it. Dark Horse omnibus is great quality, and has illustrations in it as well. It's just that no one has bothered to debind and scan it.

If you're daring you could go outside to a store that carries manga and check out the beginning.
For $13 per volume?
CCS is fucklong.
So what the fuck is xxxholic:Rei anyway? I actually liked the original manga despite the Tsubasa crossovers but it really shit the bed by the end. But the first chapter of Rei just kind of ignores the end and picks up business as usual. Is it a dream/wish from one of the characters? An extended ending like Last Order? Most importantly, is it even any good?
File: Opening 01 [00.53].gif (418.83 KB, 600x450)
418.83 KB
418.83 KB GIF
There's 4 omnibuses total to make up the entire manga, so it's anywhere from $60-$80 for everything.
Early xxxholic is great. It's the crossover with TSC that was shit.
I do not like their new style much either, especially noodle people, but it seems like less drawing work, perhaps that's what they are going for.

I'm not their big fan, but even I think they were one artist that can actually draw and color almost everything well - characters, background, clothes, elemental and movements, which is pretty rare for female mangaka.
When did the noodle people style really kick in?
File: 1370745792399.jpg (226.06 KB, 1200x818)
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226.06 KB JPG
You should read all Clamp works in the order they were published.

There's a shitload of crossovers and references.
>Don't watch this.
xxxHolic is good. It would have been one of CLAMPs best series if it was tied into tsubasa.
>Dark Horse omnibus is great quality
I saw them on my local store. Only info I needed

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