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Evidence : http://antiwc2.tumblr.com/post/74579383869/

The reason western games not sell well in Japan is the same reason why western cartoon not sell well in Japan because western games and cartoon characters which made by westerners based on themselves are not cute, while Japanese prefer cuteness and also believe westerners are not cute. Another evidences of this are :
- Japanese prefer to Cosplay Anime/Asian characters and not cartoon/western characters.
- Japanese not choosing any westerners to form the sister group for AKB48 and instead choosing other Asians such as Indonesian and Chinese.
- Dolls, action figures and other figurines that are based on westerners are also not sell well in Japan.
- Etc
So what do you think about Japanese not liking western cartoon?

No one gives a shit.
Because cartoon as very inferior to Anime huh?
Indonesians aren't Asians, but niggers.
Korea > Japan
I don't think western people are cute either. Ai Shinozaki is cuter than any western celebrity. You can even show me Zooey Deschanel or Alison Brie and they still look like vapid whores to me. Western women are the definition of 3DPD.
And western cartoons are obviously shit and not cute at all.
>I don't think western people are cute either.

Fuck you nerd. I'll have you know that I'll actually adorable
But they sure eat up American movies.

Not just the Japanese, all of east asia. How do you explain that, huh?

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