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File: 1391584242259.jpg (193.86 KB, 774x600)
193.86 KB
193.86 KB JPG
Best Key girl.
File: Kud_is_olev (2).jpg (209.53 KB, 800x600)
209.53 KB
209.53 KB JPG
Kud is olev
I love you kud.
I love you.
File: Tomoyo01.jpg (2.65 MB, 2592x1944)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
That's not Tomoyo
File: Shiori my love.jpg (148.64 KB, 598x947)
148.64 KB
148.64 KB JPG
Shiori a love
File: superior key.png (219.42 KB, 447x420)
219.42 KB
219.42 KB PNG
I would like you to remember that in Kudwafter, whenever Riki and Kud hug and kiss each other, their hearts and minds are overwhelmed with happiness.

Kud remembers how she saved by Riki after being chained in cave. All the fears and regrets that once embodied Kud have disappeared.

Riki prepares Kud for her first time with him, and does so carefully and lovingly. Their bonds are strengthened, and Kud enjoys the experience.
Derp forgot to say
That's not ***.
File: best key2.jpg (482.36 KB, 1280x720)
482.36 KB
482.36 KB JPG
Thats not best Key key.
File: shizuru_sm.jpg (771.24 KB, 2000x1125)
771.24 KB
771.24 KB JPG
Have you done anything for your Key girl yet?
File: Kotori 2.jpg (128 KB, 850x531)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Kotori a best.
>Not using saury. JK it's fine.

I will do a thing for when it's the day. It's 23:07 for me on the 13th.
File: SDC10054.jpg (2.48 MB, 3264x2448)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
Made desert and dinner for kud, learned how to make kobumaki for the occasion.
Me and Shizuru had saury, went on a date, then we fugged at a hotel.
Let's do it again Shizuru pls
File: 5(128).png (59.42 KB, 480x280)
59.42 KB
59.42 KB PNG
Jesus christ you really do love Kud wafu
File: 1389514211068.png (657.80 KB, 1050x900)
657.80 KB
657.80 KB PNG
I'm tried to find some but couldn't. And it only just turned to valentines day 2 hours ago. I'll be too busy to do anything tomorrow

I made her homemade spaghetti. Imagine all of those Kuds saying various forms of wafu at the same time.

One day you want to be fugger, I will hunt you down with everything I have and give you the death you deserve.
File: SDC10059.jpg (2.42 MB, 3264x2448)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Sure do nothing i love more than kud.

She seemed really excited about the kombu too.

It was like a symphony to my heart As i collapsed of heart ache
File: if.jpg (349.52 KB, 822x1188)
349.52 KB
349.52 KB JPG
Damn that looks well made.
File: 31372-23025-29827.png (49.32 KB, 1920x1080)
49.32 KB
49.32 KB PNG
First Beat confirmed GOTY 2014?
File: AS8 8.jpg (165.26 KB, 1366x768)
165.26 KB
165.26 KB JPG
I don't want to post the failure pictures... it took me around 3 weeks to be able to do them like that, my first tries all fell to pieces as soon as i picked them up
File: CGM_KT10a.png (772.75 KB, 969x900)
772.75 KB
772.75 KB PNG
My schedule got changed around so I have time tomorrow.

Looks delicious wafu.
It will be my GOTY because both Iwasawa and Yui will have routes in it.
The other volumes will be irrelevant for me unless the other band members get routes too.
File: wine.png (476.44 KB, 600x600)
476.44 KB
476.44 KB PNG
If you post them that will just show how far you have come
File: 231231564565.jpg (39.98 KB, 496x505)
39.98 KB
39.98 KB JPG
File: CropperCapture[318].png (92.09 KB, 358x348)
92.09 KB
92.09 KB PNG
Damn son, that's some dedication.
I destroyed the evidence, it would be too shameful to kud to see my work with her the leader of the home ec club.

Double thread edition.

Thanks man.
File: my wine.jpg (1.30 MB, 1000x1419)
1.30 MB
1.30 MB JPG
By the way Wafu what is that in the glass?
File: 1367714576347.jpg (157.31 KB, 938x1000)
157.31 KB
157.31 KB JPG

Wafu is pure, so I'm guessing he was drinking some apple cider there. The devils drink would never touch his lips. Pfffffttt, I'm not fooling anyone.
File: 41321144.jpg (724.38 KB, 4000x3000)
724.38 KB
724.38 KB JPG
It is so cute, were did you get it? I need to know.
File: ouen_hf_06.jpg (262.82 KB, 425x600)
262.82 KB
262.82 KB JPG
I've got a better res of that here if you'd like it.

Amber ale There were no stouts in the cupboard so it was the only choice

She's Russian-japanese i'm Australian-Irish, both born to drink.
>[Refrain Subs] Little Busters! EX - 01 (720p Hi10P) [4654ACB1].mkv
6 keybros and counting!
File: maiyuri.jpg (61.09 KB, 533x745)
61.09 KB
61.09 KB JPG
Why choose one girl when you can have two?
File: 40458855.jpg (2.04 MB, 1920x1080)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
Key strong!
This thread needs more Kyou.
You're welcome.
File: 1391766064259.jpg (659 KB, 700x988)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
loli stronk!
File: cgng10.png (224.82 KB, 800x600)
224.82 KB
224.82 KB PNG
That's not Nagisa
File: 1384151908285.jpg (594.56 KB, 1031x1444)
594.56 KB
594.56 KB JPG
Is this pic new? I can't remember it.

File: 22822-6078-1696 (copy).jpg (487.06 KB, 4000x2250)
487.06 KB
487.06 KB JPG
I love you too.
No, it's months old and has been posted before.
File: epuC7Ts.jpg (81.70 KB, 576x806)
81.70 KB
81.70 KB JPG
I don't think so
File: BG313.png (601.20 KB, 800x600)
601.20 KB
601.20 KB PNG
No I decided to stop calling her cockroach and post that ugly CG, since she isn't as much hated as before, self denigration is not necessary anymore.
Even Exactly-kun stopped posting.
File: 39809338_0.jpg (1.43 MB, 826x1200)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Key loli stronkest!

nagisa love seems to be on the rise again.
File: 1000212123231132.jpg (109.65 KB, 1920x1080)
109.65 KB
109.65 KB JPG
Ah, thank you. My mind must be going. Where am I, what day is this?

I see. I'm kind of sad to hear that to be honest. I always believed exactly-kun was one of the inb4 guys, and the first guy had to take a break, so that might be why you haven't seen him.
File: 1390180066251.jpg (183.86 KB, 500x500)
183.86 KB
183.86 KB JPG
stronkest of all time
We're finally adjusting to a world without nagisaspammer, that's all.
a world where all key can love each other, it is a bright new year.

We best not say his name lest her return

God forbid the wafuspammer from the other day shows up too...
File: Chihaya2.jpg (1.18 MB, 980x1385)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
I just want to tease her, hug her, rub her perfect thighs, and cuddle with her because she's so adorable.
File: key_phantasm_when.png (765.74 KB, 800x600)
765.74 KB
765.74 KB PNG
Stronker than any remade world.

I'm not sure either, all i know is it's the day i post the picture of kud looking cute.

d-don't say that i don't want her to be the object of that...
File: 20140201_081747.jpg (1.42 MB, 4128x2322)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Maybe its because I've been drinking a bunch but Chihaya is really cute. She is a good innocent girl.
File: FGNG15E.png (600.26 KB, 800x600)
600.26 KB
600.26 KB PNG
You're starting to understand how a Nagisa lover felt during the Nagisa spam.
File: hsPfiP3.jpg (91.54 KB, 576x806)
91.54 KB
91.54 KB JPG
Happy valentines
File: Mogu Mogu the Animation.jpg (62.83 KB, 1280x720)
62.83 KB
62.83 KB JPG
I want to eat food with her and listen to her adorable voice. Going animation style for a while.
File: gangsta.png (756.91 KB, 800x600)
756.91 KB
756.91 KB PNG
I can understand to a degree, i had mis-thought that kud was hated for far too long. Glad i turned out to be wrong.

Chihaya is pretty adorable.

Glad to see these were liked.
File: 121321653156.jpg (65 KB, 300x438)
65 KB
Hope you were able to enjoy at least a few moments with Rin today, RinOP.

That doesn't help me much. Only narrows it down to 365 possible days.
File: 20140491.jpg (761.80 KB, 1000x1414)
761.80 KB
761.80 KB JPG
I'm glad you agree with me
File: 471852.jpg (623.05 KB, 1200x883)
623.05 KB
623.05 KB JPG
But that's not mai waifu.
File: 1390346495815.jpg (22.87 KB, 640x480)
22.87 KB
22.87 KB JPG
Those two are so adorable when they talk like that.
File: baby now.jpg (256.67 KB, 800x600)
256.67 KB
256.67 KB JPG
They're working on a RnB mix track together.

Shizuru a cute

How could i not.

Yeah i have the same trouble...

w-wait are you implying i wont post on the 29th?!
File: 20487493.jpg (307.16 KB, 870x860)
307.16 KB
307.16 KB JPG
Another Shizuru anon?!
File: CGM_KT24a.png (772.65 KB, 969x900)
772.65 KB
772.65 KB PNG
File: 12244A1145722.jpg (111.46 KB, 500x730)
111.46 KB
111.46 KB JPG
I was going to say 366, but I couldn't remember if it was a leap year or not. Maybe you can show another girl some love, even if only for that day. I'll take responsibility.

I thought there was another already?
File: 50FD2eP.jpg (90.73 KB, 576x806)
90.73 KB
90.73 KB JPG
Aside from work she has had my utmost attention all day. I do take Sasami enjoyed her day today?
File: sweet dreams2.jpg (106.93 KB, 600x600)
106.93 KB
106.93 KB JPG
Really? There have been others that have posted a picture or two but since the new year I have pretty much been the only one. Swimsuit Shizuru anon was someone else though, but he is not here anymore

May you all have sweet dreams of your Key girl!
File: SZ3F2bu.jpg (76.16 KB, 576x806)
76.16 KB
76.16 KB JPG
They are some really nice Rin pictures. I am very pleased.
File: 648157.jpg (232.80 KB, 425x600)
232.80 KB
232.80 KB JPG
I'm often around in BKG threads. I don't post that much though.
File: sleeping3.jpg (80.47 KB, 720x576)
80.47 KB
80.47 KB JPG
Sleep well anon!

There was swimsuit shizuru and Bear posts in the thread every now and again but no one frequent in the last few weeks.

Good to hear, I'm still trying to find the kud ones that got me started nobody seems to have ripped them yet.
File: 40989905_p0.jpg (1.05 MB, 800x1200)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
>posting Lucia
File: FGLC10e.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
File: 1328349587682.jpg (512.62 KB, 1920x1080)
512.62 KB
512.62 KB JPG
And yet, beautiful.
File: FGLC02C.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
And yet, filthy
Good to hear. While Sasami is not my beloved, I kept her in my thoughts of course. Would have loved to have treated her and the rest of the girls to lunch. Would have made for a fun day.

Maybe it was this anon I was seeing.

There is also another who often post the Shiz from Kotarou's daydream sequence in her maid outfit, but he mostly posts during the day now, assuming the thread is still up. He's been here several months.
File: 00.gif (915.98 KB, 500x281)
915.98 KB
915.98 KB GIF
Must be the one that i've seen post occasionally too. I know theres meido aswell but he's always during the day. Bear posts the meido as well though.

shizuru gif ver when
Nah, I don't believe so. There's another Shizurufag besides you who posts more often than I do. I believe he's the one that participates in discussions more and talks about Shizuru. I'm more of a serious lurker.
File: hoshimemo_asuho.jpg (150.34 KB, 800x600)
150.34 KB
150.34 KB JPG
That's not Asuho.
File: ASUHO_e04a.png (1.54 MB, 1600x1200)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Also, take this.
yeah he's >>102065158 but he was also the one who thought you might be another another shizuru anon.

Making gifs is hard
File: Asu hole.jpg (167.61 KB, 794x1069)
167.61 KB
167.61 KB JPG
>Making gifs is hard
Depends what you're trying to do
File: Spoiler Image (680.86 KB, 800x600)
680.86 KB
680.86 KB GIF
make an incredibly cheesy gif that i'm not sure i want to share when it's done, but shizuruanon will probably talk me into posting it..
File: TINAMI_e09a.png (1.06 MB, 1600x1200)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
You're a bad person to make it a dose.
We at best key girlĀ© value tolerance and friendly relations.
File: 100038143801.jpg (463.19 KB, 700x974)
463.19 KB
463.19 KB JPG
I see. It just seems like there has been more than one around lately. I know the other one I mentioned definitely exists as he was here as early as the Great Nagisa Wars, and perhaps even earlier.
File: 1392230730467.gif (1.72 MB, 302x339)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB GIF
It never felt like Chinami's route was actually her route.
Sorry saying Assuhole is a habit.
I don't really hate her.
File: Chiinami.png (411.38 KB, 707x855)
411.38 KB
411.38 KB PNG
She was still damned adorable atleast.
The joke.
File: 1369232102609.jpg (9.24 KB, 188x172)
9.24 KB
9.24 KB JPG
I don't follow
File: 1215364654.jpg (172.87 KB, 1000x671)
172.87 KB
172.87 KB JPG
File: Waaaaaaaaaa.gif (2.32 MB, 622x350)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
File: chinami.jpg (53.10 KB, 300x366)
53.10 KB
53.10 KB JPG
Ok what do i do now.
File: Scarred for life.jpg (65.37 KB, 483x700)
65.37 KB
65.37 KB JPG
It's like, a;iv;awoij;anga

My autism levels are skyrocketing.
File: chiinami.jpg (114.08 KB, 950x1000)
114.08 KB
114.08 KB JPG
Please help i don't understand what do i do with my chiinami.jpg
File: Oh gosh.gif (633.69 KB, 250x207)
633.69 KB
633.69 KB GIF
You keep naming everything Chinami.
I am spazzing out here man. It's not you it's me.
File: chiinami.jpg (52.21 KB, 342x324)
52.21 KB
52.21 KB JPG
I'm not doing anything help where do i put it how do i get the joke
File: 0 Found.png (273.25 KB, 615x1119)
273.25 KB
273.25 KB PNG
>Files that are not some form chinami.
File: chiinami.gif (1.96 MB, 245x218)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
Ok does chiinami.gif work?
File: ;_;.jpg (81.83 KB, 380x376)
81.83 KB
81.83 KB JPG
Yes, yes it does.
File: ~Uguu had a hard day.jpg (87.60 KB, 400x400)
87.60 KB
87.60 KB JPG
Got an ~Uguu key chain, and pose my Genoace like Ayu on ocasion
Has anyone ever had Key-related dreams?

I went on a little binge with AIR and finished half of it.

I dreamed about Misuzu and only saw her silhouette or rather shadow at the Beach while this song was playing.


I should take a break.
File: An epicenter of autism.jpg (483.61 KB, 1000x714)
483.61 KB
483.61 KB JPG
Why is she poisoning Shirou, what did she ever do to her and how the fuck is it effecting him
File: chiinami.gif (781.79 KB, 298x338)
781.79 KB
781.79 KB GIF
Am i helping?

did you put the jumper on it atleast?

I dream about kud
File: Naku Naku.gif (707.64 KB, 365x240)
707.64 KB
707.64 KB GIF
I don't know what to do with myself anymore.
File: chiinami.jpg (202.22 KB, 500x720)
202.22 KB
202.22 KB JPG
Everything's alright, you just need some rest.

I do too i think sleep well keybros.
File: chiinami.jpg (170.97 KB, 600x696)
170.97 KB
170.97 KB JPG
This thread needs more more Kyou.
You're welcome.

>you will never get stuck in a locker room with Kyou
>Kyou and Ryou will never fall in love with you, with Kyou being the win ner
>She will never secretly look out for you, while scolding you
Correction here.
File: KAIJISW.jpg (69.60 KB, 1024x576)
69.60 KB
69.60 KB JPG
>Posts worst Key girl


Nigger, if she's not Tomoyo being loyal enough to waste time and wake me up or Kyou trying her hardest to get my attention, Nagisa is there with a bright smile.

It's like, when you're around her, everything calms down, kinda like a tranquilizer for tense situations and yet you just WANT to marry her.

Why? Because she's simple and I don't mean "simple" as in boring character for MC simple, I mean she makes everything simple.

Nagisa is what holds together the Clannad girls.
File: kotomigif.gif (999.21 KB, 500x281)
999.21 KB
999.21 KB GIF
I'd say she's mai waifu if I was an actual homosexual. I'll just say she's best girl instead.
File: miooooooo.jpg (61.85 KB, 199x449)
61.85 KB
61.85 KB JPG
Preferring Midori is preferring sluts and rapists.
File: voicedbyrita.gif (1.09 MB, 444x250)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
She gets nothing for Valentine's ;_;
OK, can somebody tell me if the Little Busters anime is actually any good? Be honest.
First season wasn't good, Refrain is better.
In the end if you had to pick one, pick the VN
Random request but anyone have a complete save file for Kanon? Ive been looking hard for one and cant find a working one.
Thank you, sir. I will read the VN at some point then.
I've been meaning to check out Air and Kanon.
Compared to Clannad/Afterstory, out of 10, how'd you rate them?
May go check them out if they're alright.
You should read it first
File: wallpaper-789941.jpg (582.94 KB, 1920x1200)
582.94 KB
582.94 KB JPG
In my opinion Kanon (2006 version ofcourse) was more depressing than Clannad, but that's just me. Not saying it's a better anime tho. If Clannad is 10/10 than Kanon is 9/10

Air feels kind of rushed IMO, but is still worth a watch. Definitely the weakest out of the holy Key/KyoAni trilogy.

Watch Kanon 2006 and play AIR VN.

AIR the anime is kinda empty. Like it ends and all, but it's like all the characters are present and it never goes anywhere and the locations feel nonexistent.
Thanks, I'll give them a check out soon. Gotta make room in my backlog though, way too fucking much just sitting there.
Air is okay
I found kanon very boring but I only did the anime.
I think everywhere now it is or has been valentines day so happy valentines day /bkg/!
Inoue route when?
getting real tired with this fucking thread.
File: Spoiler Image (164.97 KB, 929x589)
164.97 KB
164.97 KB JPG

never ;_;
Why is she so pure?

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