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File: clannad-after-story-21.jpg (91.32 KB, 960x720)
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>be a rough and tumble Oilfield worker with a slack as fuck job that let's me watch movies and cartoons and animu on the job
>be a total secret romance feels fag, feel in the mood for some romance.
>remember clannad and getting turbo feels from it, even tearing up.
>figure I'm manly enough to watch it again.
>get through first season.laugh, get feely, grow attached to the apathetic pissant that was the Mc.
>watch him grow to find love and happiness in his life
>start up after story and shit gets heavy.. Super heavy
>have to put series on hold because emotional attachment to non existing characters was effecting what little work I had to do
>forget about the feels with some KLK and eventually pick up AS again
>forgot that the next episode I had to watch was "that episode" that.. Horrible episode.
>episode climaxes (I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it)
>break into tears. Ball like it's my mom's funeral.
>can't finish the rest.

God damnit key...
Also I forgot to ask. Who else got these kind of feels from clannad and is there any other similar series?? Or is clannad garbage and am I just a big man baby
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I certainly got feels. the studio that produced clannad also has many similar adaptations of other VN's with a similar art style and those kinds of motif n shit. try kanon
Go fuck yourself with a stick.

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