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File: waifu poems.png (128.83 KB, 468x325)
128.83 KB
128.83 KB PNG
It's Valentine's Day. Time to show how much you love your waifu by writing her a poem!

While she'll appreciate the thought no matter how bad it is, we'll be saving the very best for next year.
File: feb10.png (241.63 KB, 923x915)
241.63 KB
241.63 KB PNG
Posting some favorites from the threads building up to Valentine's day:
File: Feb11.png (105.42 KB, 903x890)
105.42 KB
105.42 KB PNG
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Please kiss me
and show me your pantsu
File: feb10 2.png (161.43 KB, 880x759)
161.43 KB
161.43 KB PNG
Madoka's like a pink rose
Tha’ time ‘as froze;
Forever eternal;
passion infernal;
till all mass chilled;
and your wish is fulfilled;
my love will build;

adorable eyes;
th’ delicate god;
will always be in my heart;
File: Spoiler Image (577.65 KB, 1276x864)
577.65 KB
577.65 KB PNG
Another year
would be another tear
Except this time
I met you, my sweet dear.

I may not be handsome,
I may not be cool,
But I want to prove
I'm at least not a tool.

Our memory I would never erase
Cause baby, you're my one true ace
And all I love is not your face
So I proved that by shattering it like a vase.

With this, your love I hope I win.
If not, this poem I'll All Fiction.
When i look at you.
I feel my heart will explode.
Like a hollow point.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You're waifu is not real
She doesn't love you
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don't have a girlfriend
Neither do you
File: 1.jpg (72.62 KB, 1280x720)
72.62 KB
72.62 KB JPG
There are many flowers around here, but none of them quite like you.

File: square.png (7.23 KB, 256x256)
7.23 KB
7.23 KB PNG
Baby, love is my Crime
and you're my Punishment.
Let me recite our love story
With so many ass-pulls it's an embarrassment.

Love, the story is told by me
In first-person we see all it's glory.
But despite that, it never once has mention
That I knew who you were until it was convenient to say so.

You might think I act different
At times when our time is spent
Looking for the big bad
But actually the funny thing it that's my brother not me.

Our love is like a fire red
That burns the city and makes dead.
This fire rages all day and all night
But despite that neither of us get tired at all so I guess it's alright.

Our love makes explosions
That kills the evil legions
And in hands we go home
Except it turns out he was never in that house so we still some problems.

But our love prevails again
And a good end we shall gain.
We live together in warmth and affection
But actually that villain guy is still alive oops my bad.

Honey, you never shot my heart,
Though that other guy's dead on the cart.
Oh baby, my love could outlast 8 years away
From you, and actually that's exactly what'll happen so later.

But our story's not over
There's one more thing to do.
That child you have
You named it after my dead sister... didn't you?
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'll suck my own dick
Who needs a girlfriend
File: admiral_3dpd.jpg (72.02 KB, 329x427)
72.02 KB
72.02 KB JPG
roses are red
violets are blue
she is a cartoon
not your waifu
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I put hot glue
on your waifu
File: Spoiler Image (34.28 KB, 485x640)
34.28 KB
34.28 KB JPG
In the wretched dump,
I give her a ring and a hug,
Near Colonel Sanders.
File: Spoiler Image (696.91 KB, 960x623)
696.91 KB
696.91 KB PNG
On television,
looking at your forced straight face
makes me laugh daily.
Ryuuko is red
Satsuki is white
Ragyo just raped her daughter
File: 24765426.png (291.61 KB, 701x810)
291.61 KB
291.61 KB PNG
Let me tell you of a girl,
Who pulls me up when I'm feeling low.
She's a blue haired tomboy,
Sporting hairpins that read Fortissimo.

She's devoted and caring,
I can say with certainty.
She's diligent and motivated,
Plus she's a total cutie.

She's got good taste in music,
Keyboard and violin.
Though her motives might not be so clear,
Just forget about him!

So what if you have no soul?
That only matters to a sucker.
We all have our flaws,
My precious hontou baka.

So, Sayaka-chan,
Won't you be mine?
On this special day of ours,
Be my Valentine.

幸せなバレンタインデー、 さやかちゃん
The constant reminder of why my heart is young
I dedicate myself to the girl I love
you better me to share this poem unsung

Though mortal or human you may not be
the wings on your back are a thing of beauty
as different as we are, we eat fruit bore from the same tree

With hair the color of an empty sky
you will always remain the gleam of my eye

The love I feel cannot be properly expressed.
I love you.
Happy valentines day!
File: 1366849455857.jpg (50.16 KB, 474x367)
50.16 KB
50.16 KB JPG
this is my favorite one so far
I'm glad you liked it.
File: Kisuke_y_Yoruichi[1].jpg (23.61 KB, 640x480)
23.61 KB
23.61 KB JPG
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Brown girls are the best
But a cat is fine, too
File: 1354507982505.jpg (35.51 KB, 316x341)
35.51 KB
35.51 KB JPG
I wish i knew what this was referencing.
>my Isoroku poem
Okay, that's kinda embarassing. It was just a joke, if I'd known you would cap it I'd have tried to write something better.
File: darth vader.jpg (146.65 KB, 1600x1200)
146.65 KB
146.65 KB JPG
Roses are red,
Lavender is coarse,
You complete and utter fool!
She lives on through the force!
File: Valentine's 2014.jpg (1.29 MB, 2320x1740)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG

Pastebin because the 4chan screws with the spacing. http://pastebin.com/YP3yYAM4
File: 1374750356565.jpg (68.88 KB, 300x300)
68.88 KB
68.88 KB JPG
Violets are blue
Roses are red
My life is shit
I wish I was dead
screws the spacing*
File: chihiroface.jpg (61.22 KB, 397x393)
61.22 KB
61.22 KB JPG
You're a great person with great taste. We'd be good friends.
File: 1336108564144.jpg (90.97 KB, 645x773)
90.97 KB
90.97 KB JPG
Isn't there already a poetry board?
File: 1329245353881.jpg (57.15 KB, 500x667)
57.15 KB
57.15 KB JPG
Posting some related things from past years.
There will be no happy ever after
There will be no smiles, no gales of laughter
All there will be
Would be the absence of you and me
File: 1328872195389.jpg (64.36 KB, 600x750)
64.36 KB
64.36 KB JPG
File: mysunflower2.jpg (1.49 MB, 2848x2144)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Crossposting from the

Ode to a Sunflower

A happy person, I have never truly been
Any joy or glee for me was always thin
Not to be edgy, but sadness and fear
For my heart, has always been what was near

So when your smile to me first appeared
I sneered, I booed, and I jeered
So accustomed I was to instead frowns
That I thought the cheerful but as clowns

Relentlessly you continued to march on, though
Laughing through rain, through sleet, through snow
Your mischievous grin glowed as bright as the sun
And whether or not I wanted it, you dragged me along for fun

I could feel the night of my life begin to fade
As full of delight it you made
Your infectious optimism is as boundless
As the feelings I always wish to confess

There is a word people use for this
This feeling like nothing in the world is amiss
Four letters, I believe it is
But magnitude it seems to miss

For while "love" is no doubt part
There is so much more inside my heart
This poem only scratches the surface
Of my emotions which burn like a furnace

For what language can convey
All these endless things I want to say
But, in the end, everything is definitely fine
As my eyes in yours have already said every line

Allow me, though, to say them regardless
Your smile, illuminating through darkness
Your eyes, gold like the most valuable treasure
Your forehead, which none alive can measure

Your hair, as soft as the clouds above
Your laugh, like the song of a dove
Your heart, as pure as the blue sky
You, for whom without I would die

So while for my love there is ridicule
And many people call me naught but a fool
There is nothing I can do but continue
For my greatest wish is to always be with you

Even if a dimension separates us
Even if there is pain in all this fuss
Today I will express to the best of my power
This ode I write to you, my sunflower


Happy Valentine's Day, to every anon and to their waifus! I wish you all the best!
File: adachi.jpg (51.20 KB, 438x634)
51.20 KB
51.20 KB JPG
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Of all the bitches and whores,
You're my favourite, that's true.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mou
File: 1329234164731.png (293.51 KB, 329x1761)
293.51 KB
293.51 KB PNG
File: ayase 2.jpg (98.05 KB, 1280x720)
98.05 KB
98.05 KB JPG
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Want to know who mai waifu is?
Why /a/non, she's you.
>That Touma

Roses are grey
Violets are grey
I hate my life
This won't rhyme.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
>making poem
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you're mai waifu
Would you let me fuck you?
Roeses are red
Violets are blue
>thinking this is a poem
>I shiggy diggy doo
File: 1369082395708.png (296.67 KB, 543x600)
296.67 KB
296.67 KB PNG
Roses are red
And I like carnations
>implying implications
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Don't be shy
Cus I know you want it too
File: 1353190920005.png (460.70 KB, 560x709)
460.70 KB
460.70 KB PNG
Anon, you're a fucking faggot (not really) but that moved me.
File: 1388651933869.png (1.07 MB, 580x480)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Akira's face is red
Neo-Venenzia is blue
And when I solemnly row
I can't help but think
Without all of you in tow
My gondola surely would sink
But you must surely not forget to pinch me
Because Hazukashii serifu kinshi
If violets are blue
And roses are red
Kill la Kill saving anime
Means anime is dead
File: 1387733413358.jpg (189.92 KB, 425x600)
189.92 KB
189.92 KB JPG
Roses are red
Your hair is Blue
I like Your intakes
And your everything too

Jesus Christ
File: 1390225123504.jpg (951.51 KB, 1253x1770)
951.51 KB
951.51 KB JPG
Kyouko is red
Sayak is blue
Mumi a shit
Best girl Hameru
File: muvluv valkyries.png (771.25 KB, 2000x2014)
771.25 KB
771.25 KB PNG
Sumika is red,
Meiya is blue,
Noble Confident a shit,
Real waifu: Chizuru.
File: Gasai.Yuno.full.924486.jpg (160.35 KB, 1185x665)
160.35 KB
160.35 KB JPG
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If I'm wasting my life
Might as well give it to you
Shit nigga. Had sex with ya waifu.
Valentines day NTR best night ever she was tight too.

At first she was blushin cuz we were holin hands
But then she was rushin to start holdin glans

Shit was golden man.

Hips movin like a machine on full power.
Took your waifus purity like I was steppin on a flower.

Shit was cash like many zeni.
Now your waifus used goods. Ain't worth a penny.

>Homurafags hate Mami
No wonder your taste is shit!
Your emo waifu doesn't phase me.
But I think she's crazy, a bit!
File: saber530.png (281.18 KB, 530x530)
281.18 KB
281.18 KB PNG
My waifu's name is saber
and for her I'd do any labor
our love is strong and but our bonds are new
so for this poem we're proving our love to you

From as far as I can remember
She's been my waifu since december
I tried to hold the love back
but she's like an ensaring trap

I had girls who wanted my D
I had wemon who loved only me
and if you had asked me before i met her i wouldve made one my valentines too

But saber today i only want you
I dont want 3dpd you are the only one for me
i cant belive i coundn't see the bright gem that had been in front of me

I want to feel you and hug you
i want to kiss you and snuggle with you
But even if that wont happen today
I will hold out my hope that someday
You will return my love
bump needs more poems
Shit nigga had your waifu sweatin.
Your waifu took control of my weapon
she wasn't messin

The weapon in question, be my saber
She was doin me a favor. I could taste her flavor.
She a novice in lewd gave her a lesson
has her undressin but we skip the prelude

Strait to penetration. Ain't your imagination
shit gets slippery, like a moldy snail.
Already fuck ya waifu. Don't need a holy grail
File: 1391570942519.jpg (14.38 KB, 240x211)
14.38 KB
14.38 KB JPG
Yeah fuck you too
File: 1386924171842.gif (82.10 KB, 800x450)
82.10 KB
82.10 KB GIF
i'll fuck you up m8
File: Spoiler Image (127.60 KB, 690x800)
127.60 KB
127.60 KB JPG
She was so obnoxious
I wanted her out of the show
I didn't get why she were there,
Her character had no glow

She were selfish
Insensitive, impish
She stirred shit up
She made everyone standoffish

I kept wishing for her to get less scenes
She kept getting more opportunities to commit new sins
But somewhere along the way, I got charmed
Yeah, she was pretty cute after all, where's the harm?

And here's the point where the point where I'd describe my love like a flower
But that's not really true, so let's aim a wee bit lower
My love for her was like a mushroom
In my barren, hostile heart, she carved out her room

Overnight it sprouted
Before I noticed, my resistance was routed
Not that I minded
The fire in my heart was burning red

And that was how I fell in love
With a chinese cartoon character too, by Jove!
But in the end, that doesn't matter
Since she thirsts for attention, I'll be her water

And my love for her will only continue to grow
Some might call my love low
But that will never bother me, cause when I see her smile
It all becomes worthwhile
File: Spoiler Image (127.60 KB, 690x800)
127.60 KB
127.60 KB JPG
She was so obnoxious
I wanted her out of the show
I didn't get why she was there,
Her character had no glow

She was selfish
Insensitive, impish
She stirred shit up
She made everyone standoffish

I kept wishing for her to get less scenes
She kept getting more opportunities to commit new sins
But somewhere along the way, I got charmed
Yeah, she was pretty cute after all, where's the harm?

And here's the point where the point where I'd describe my love like a flower
But that's not really true, so let's aim a wee bit lower
My love for her was like a mushroom
In my barren, hostile heart, she carved out her room

Overnight it sprouted
Before I noticed, my resistance was routed
Not that I minded
The fire in my heart was burning red

And that was how I fell in love
With a chinese cartoon character too, by Jove!
But in the end, that doesn't matter
Since she thirsts for attention, I'll be her water

And my love for her will only continue to grow
Some might call my love low
But that will never bother me, cause when I see her smile
It all becomes worthwhile
File: 1349053570540.jpg (482.36 KB, 1280x1762)
482.36 KB
482.36 KB JPG
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Segmentation fault.
Time to watch animu.
Had your waifu workin
Not conventional she was jerking
Fully consensual Kept it sensual

three sum cuz she had many clones
Only on me for the cash I al capone.
Dick hit her whom like a train. kinda rude.
soon after she came... like ya food.
She a server. But I serve her the meat
In the family restaurant moaning like a hoe in heat.

3 yamadas and ya waifu one of em
Dick fire semen bullets like I'm gunnen em
Get this faggot out of here already.
Say it to your face
Leave you lyin dyin
Me and ya waifu on a boat
Trip to the island

Fuck her, then I dash
Leave your waifu stranded
and short on cash.
Bump. Do it for her, faglords.
File: peace 2.jpg (267.44 KB, 700x800)
267.44 KB
267.44 KB JPG
Always fun, and making small talk
Blonde as the sun, and reeks of black cock
Sweet as a bunny, the perfect spouse
Fucktons of money, she'll buy you a beach house

With eyes shiny as pearls, I say I am yours
The rest of the girls, are just fucking whores
For you flowers in a bouquet, best girl I decree
Happy Valentine's day, my dear Mugi
Roses are red
Violets are blue
OP is a faggot
And so are all of you
Roses are read
Violets are okay
The only faggot here is you
File: chunni.png (917.59 KB, 1500x800)
917.59 KB
917.59 KB PNG
I don't know how to write poems but I want to wish you guys a happy capitalism-in-the-name-of-love day.
Just write with your heart not your mind
anon we all know your kind
your waifu wants you to try
take this chance before you die
>Just write with your heart not your mind
>anon we all know your kind
>your waifu wants you to try
>take this chance before you die
Anon-kun you are so brave.
Telling me that I should succumb.
If only I could recite a sonnet for her.
Then the deed shalt be done.
What font is that?
Damn, ya waifu with my whole crew
Many niggas bukaki 6 loads we roll though

She fond of rappers
Lost the condom no rapper

So I put in her raw that's the deal
Dick big enough to make her squeal
That a great feel. Your waifu now no vacancy wow.
Muchin on many more than jus cake and tea now, nigga.
Thank you
bitch ass niggas be makin me pull the trigga
insulting waifus is a quick way to die fool
you ruined valentines day
that means you really act gay and its time we made you pay
Shit nigga your rhymes are weak
I fuck different anons waifu every day like I'm on a streak. at my peak.

No breaks on this fuck train cause your waifu great pain
Dick give your waifu vanginal strain, but she still game.
The sheer girth. Left your waifu single, now she givin birth
I'm real jerk. So think twice before you start messin
Waifu fuckin all day that my true profession.
File: out.png (264.27 KB, 383x387)
264.27 KB
264.27 KB PNG
Get the fuck out of here porch monkeys. This isn't a colored establishment.
This is a poem thread not a "who can nig nog the hardest" thread.

Just kidding I like it.
File: 1385901157250.jpg (10.41 KB, 217x233)
10.41 KB
10.41 KB JPG
you aint got shit on me so keep keep rapping bout that pinkie that you call a D
You think my waifu would choose you over me
i think theres something you need to see

every nigga wants an animu slut but to lie about waifus gets you a punch in the gut
so cool the fuck down and listen to my rhymes cause your lame ass has certainly got the time

an anons heart is a delicate thing and and to defend it i keep on doing these things
your a big tool who thinks he acts cool
when in truth he acts like a fool

go back to your onahole
your rhymes are lame they aint got a soul
you'll fucked no waifus today no evn if you would pay now get out here cause thats all i had to say
I gotta say I feelin bad. I didn't mean to make you niggas sad.
I'm a lost soul in an ocean. Fuckin waifus the only way I release my emotion
I never meant to hurt so many dudes. When their waifus offered sex, I should of refused
I'll start clean, NTR gone. It's the vanilla life from here on. You're all my brethren.
I apologize for fucking your waifu, although that shit was heaven.
Ain't it good when everybody gets a happy ending?
People should always act like this, all warm and understanding
Cause for most of us, 4chan is home
And when we're here together, we're never alone
File: 1392323514267.gif (1.84 MB, 325x244)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
>settled their diffrences in a rap battle

thsi was a fun thread
>this thread
I love you, /a/. All of you are my waifu.
Get writing, assfags
Write it!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If no one else writes
The poet is you
File: image.jpg (82.72 KB, 800x451)
82.72 KB
82.72 KB JPG
Rikka's hair is such a beautiful shade of blue
She doesn't wear weird hairclips,
Or fall asleep in front of you.
Nay, I swear it on the Mabinogion:
Rikka, together we'll find the hidden horizon.
The initial response of the Catholic Church seemed to be one of strong opposition to Zionism. Shortly after the 1897 Basel Conference, the semi-official Vatican periodical (edited by the Jesuits) Civilta Cattolica gave its biblical-theological judgement on political Zionism: "1827 years have passed since the prediction of Jesus of Nazareth was fulfilled ... that [after the destruction of Jerusalem] the Jews would be led away to be slaves among all the nations and that they would remain in the dispersion [diaspora, galut] until the end of the world." The Jews should not be permitted to return to Palestine with sovereignty: "According to the Sacred Scriptures, the Jewish people must always live dispersed and vagabondo [vagrant, wandering] among the other nations, so that they may render witness to Christ not only by the Scriptures ... but by their very existence".
That was pretty sweet.

Now get off /a/ Yuuta.
File: 1387468575813.gif (2.26 MB, 479x324)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB GIF
I have a little baka.
She's small and made of ice.
I want to fill her with my sperm,
I bet that would feel nice.
File: 1335514304298.jpg (366.12 KB, 729x889)
366.12 KB
366.12 KB JPG
Ryuko is red
Satsuki's blue
SHAFT, fuck this up,
and I'll kill la kill you
I have no waifu
Let me rate your poets.

muh dik/10
no one cares about your gay opinion
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Too many klk threads
fuck you
What is there that I wouldn't give
For a chance to find you and to live
in your sweet arms and find my rest
In your sweet arms, and your sweet breast
I'd give an arm, a leg, my life,
all just for a chance.
One day we'll meet, in heaven above
when we're both lain down to sleep
And we'll fly like doves above the clouds
Clearing the hills and mountains steep
So don't cry now, just wait for me
and one day I will surely see thee.

I suck.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I do a poo poo
Just for you
rate this thread
fucking autistic/10000
Blood is red
So is Senkentsu
It's Trigger,not SHAFT
No Life Fibers for you
For some reason, I really like the Hanako one.
Dearest Misaki,
Even through the darkest,
You've stayed with me.
Not even a semi,
Can separate our hearts like it did my bones.
Thank you so much for staying by my side,
Your smile adding joy to my moans.
With our love,
We will prevail.
Happy Valentine's day,
Love, semifag.
File: kirino.png (507.35 KB, 1920x1200)
507.35 KB
507.35 KB PNG
Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

You are my imouto.

Incest is weird.
File: Big eyed Rin.jpg (117.86 KB, 1280x720)
117.86 KB
117.86 KB JPG
She's a bitch, She's a lover,
She's a child, She's a mother,
She's a sinner, She's a saint,
She does not feel ashamed;
She's my hell, she's my dream,
She is nothing in between,
I know I wouldn't want it any other way...
Roses are red
I'm not a dead man
this thread is cute
sometimes i love 4chan
File: Charlotte 62.jpg (510.54 KB, 992x1358)
510.54 KB
510.54 KB JPG
Pardonnes mon français terrible.

Roses sont rouge
La violette est bleu
Je suis en amour avec vous cheveux
Aussi le reste de tu.
File: mamigrab.png (378.36 KB, 506x763)
378.36 KB
378.36 KB PNG
Brave Mami was a Mahou bold,
And overgrown with charms,
But a candy witch took off her head,
So she laid down her arms.

Now as Charlotte's big teeth bore down,
Said she, "Why did I freeze?"
"For now Homu will save my friends,"
"While Charlotte gets her cheese."

In days gone by she brought comrades,
To show them all the ropes,
But now they'd come around her neck,
Because she fucking choked.

Technical language loses you some points, but extra credit for all the effort

You're waifu is a slut and whore
This might come as quite a shock
But the only thing that she cares for
Is filling herself up with cock
>aucune rimes (sous alternance féminines et masculines)
>aucun alexandrin
>un seule strophe

Do you even classical ?
meant to reply
File: 1386780974809.jpg (126.48 KB, 735x720)
126.48 KB
126.48 KB JPG
>Rhyming "blue" with "you"
I'll take 8/10.

She's a 10/10 waifu, though.
File: doot doot.png (254.20 KB, 456x928)
254.20 KB
254.20 KB PNG
Roses are red
Violets are blue
She's the light of my life
When's season 2
File: Charlotte 63.png (1.61 MB, 1581x2124)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Pardonnes mon poésie terrible.
It's not your fault, you're probably just used to english rules of poetry
File: Spoiler Image (1.32 MB, 732x1080)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
If you somehow became real,
you'd probably kill me.
Even so, I love you still,
may the sun shine for thee.

Love forgives and so do I;
you may not be without guilt.
Even though many a life
took your blade's mighty hilt,
even though you crushed whole
squads with a titanic hand,
blessed be your troubled soul.
In defeat, fast you stand,
knowing it's all for a higher reason
you took upon yourself the brunt of treason
and did what you had to, valiant and fierce.

When you fell and cried with fear,
I cursed the dimension that kept us apart:
I wish I could hold you, dear
and your unfaltering heart.

And if only I were there
Before the sun has risen,
With my love I would melt
Thy crystalline prison.
Wow that's deep man. Odd taste in waifu but she's definitely gorgeous.

8/10, would be even better if it weren't a bit cringeworthy.
I have a poem about your waifu
There is something you should know about your waifu

She's a jew

I couldn't make them both alexandrines but I wanted to keep the integrity of the message
but I thought those were supposed to be cringeworthy, a-anon ;_;

Thank you, though! I am content with this rating.
>Charlotte wearing Houki boots
what are you doing Charl? get those off, her bitchiness might rub off on you!
Hanging above the clouds in the blue sky, a right hand.
You should admit she looks hotter with them

or maybe I just have a fetish for the female body being covered
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Poems are not anime
And neither are pics of your monitor and food
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I'll find your love beneath the scarlet moon.
Your eyes a shade of red that makes my heart
a weakened throbbing mess, and so I'll swoon,
with hope that you and I will never part.
You see I'm not a man that's much for love.
But when I saw your face I could not help
but find myself coaxed with a forceful shove
into your arms; just protest as a whelp.
I'd never felt the grip of love divine
Before your softest skin under my hand
And never could I feel so rightly fine
before you came, so try to understand:
There's one hundred fourty billion lousy ways
To say “I love you”, such a simple phrase.

God I'm terrible at sonnets.
I'm really glad you're there to put us on the right track backseat mod-kun
>that Isoroku poem

>Faithless Nelly Gray

I lol'd.
reeks of black cock?
File: foto_no_exif(1).jpg (478.97 KB, 2560x1920)
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My hero :3
File: foto_no_exif(2).jpg (409.14 KB, 2560x1920)
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Glad you liked it
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Meduca Meguca
Kaname Madoka
Ascended to heaven and
Killed every witch

Akemi Homura
Loved her too much and went
Mad, what a bitch

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