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File: kreygasm.png (1.59 KB, 21x29)
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Why would they do this, the manga isn't finished
File: 1363184955489.jpg (360.98 KB, 960x924)
360.98 KB
360.98 KB JPG
Anime is saved
By your logic SNK should have never gotten an anime.
The next SnK
File: 1392319562064.gif (953.11 KB, 330x300)
953.11 KB
953.11 KB GIF
>anime will be censored to hell and back
They should have just done OVAs
So how long will it take the SJWs to scream this is a racist anime promoting hate crimes?
Does this manga even have any doujins?
As long as it takes for tumblr to find all the fried chicken and grape drank shoops.
An OVA was confirmed along with the anime. Which will probably be Bugs II. We might be lucky enough to get more gore from then.
File: 1369664070233.gif (267.32 KB, 500x281)
267.32 KB
267.32 KB GIF
It's happening
please no
To boost manga sales.
So what will be the next SNK, Akame ga Kill or Terra Formers?
I can almost fap to this.
File: demon bunny.jpg (178.15 KB, 1280x720)
178.15 KB
178.15 KB JPG

this is going to be the next Blood C

just people dying in horrible ways until the entire cast is dead, then doing it again in the next episode, then doing it again... and again... why even bother establishing the characters? They're just going to die before they can begin their character arc.
Akame ga Kill is much edgier.
Yes, but unlike Blood C this manages to be stupidly fun in its absurdity.
I wish it didn't
File: renchon.jpg (73.05 KB, 540x404)
73.05 KB
73.05 KB JPG
Is the manga any good?

I don't really read any manga, but I've seen /a/ post pictures of these things (terraformers?) for a while now, and this has piqued my interest.
Good is a word that implies quality.
Terraformars is ENTERTAINING, anon.
Very much so.
>I don't really read any manga
File: 1341906259033.jpg (43.39 KB, 425x479)
43.39 KB
43.39 KB JPG

Sorry man

Why do you fucking care?
So giga roach niggas on Mars gets a show, Spice and Wolf S3 never
It's like gantz, but dumber.

take that as you will.
Guess I should finally start reading this so I can try to enjoy the anime threads.

it certainly isn't bad. Its not deep or anything, but its well drawn with interesting sequences and fun characters. It's kind of like a gantz, if gantz wasn't shit and the characters besides muscle rider were cool.
I wish they just go straight to the second arc with its superior abilities and "characterization." The first arc was admittedly sort of shit, minus grasshopper-bro.
What the fuck
File: 1344239967259.jpg (71.09 KB, 317x286)
71.09 KB
71.09 KB JPG
Whoa, lets not say things we cant take back now.

That sounds more like it.
>with interesting sequences and fun characters

Except, the manga has grown more and more nationalistic and the roaches are 2nd thoughts now since the manga is all about politics now and China being the villain in every single arc.
File: 1388634275740.png (151.60 KB, 616x725)
151.60 KB
151.60 KB PNG
>and China being the villain in every single arc
Fuck you Japan
Fucking dropped
Author wrote himself into a corner.

What used to be a setting restricted to just insects versus roaches has now become anything versus roaches so you have retarded shit like a Shark Man or a Weed Man and the roaches feel like just fodder these days because the author rather make the Chinese the bad guys instead.
Yeah, the entire reason I liked Terra Formars is because the whole "Humanity going against the stronger _____" is something I really enjoy. Same thing with SnK, at some point the humans stop being weak and it loses the feeling of being hopeless. I mean fuck, BUGS 2 was the entire pinnacle of hopeless. RIP God Lee
now now, Dragonfly Johj is still alive and well. He'll definitely fuck shit up.
File: TF_raw_84_01.jpg (605.42 KB, 1321x2031)
605.42 KB
605.42 KB JPG

(with some slight sensible edits like changing "Lamp" (燈) to "Akari" and so on)

Also dialogue only starts on page 5.
File: TF_raw_84_02.jpg (523.83 KB, 1340x2030)
523.83 KB
523.83 KB JPG
File: TF_raw_84_03.jpg (499.21 KB, 1329x2028)
499.21 KB
499.21 KB JPG
File: TF_raw_84_04.jpg (651.55 KB, 1377x2024)
651.55 KB
651.55 KB JPG
File: TF_raw_84_05.jpg (585.39 KB, 1317x2024)
585.39 KB
585.39 KB JPG
· · · · · Tsu

More ...
one step not move ...

· · · I ...

More ...
Good? ...

Instead ...
Are you ...

お前が 捕獲してくれよ・・・・・
You have me to capture ...

I'm not good ...
I ... ...
File: TF_raw_84_06.jpg (612.52 KB, 1331x2025)
612.52 KB
612.52 KB JPG
File: TF_raw_84_07.jpg (591.12 KB, 1317x2018)
591.12 KB
591.12 KB JPG
File: TF_raw_84_08.jpg (579.30 KB, 1328x2019)
579.30 KB
579.30 KB JPG
This is surely revenge...

You'll are you doing for Sale or I need in life lady ...

百合子や・・・ あなたの父さんが戻る戻らないの話じゃあない
Well you do not talk about my father and Yuriko ... you is not return back

Against evil that befall untenable life of us

In order to put an end ─

Cut off the source of this sadness always ─
File: TF_raw_84_09.jpg (586.75 KB, 1312x2018)
586.75 KB
586.75 KB JPG

Welcome back

Also, I'm not cool appearance

pa ...
Bullet ant (Paraponera) is ...

It will die soon neck ... have collapsed

お前の糸がもう一度溶かされない限り 大丈夫だ
It's all right as long as the thread of you is not melted again

It is all right Ssu about it

Te reached ... but did not go to the capture is complete ...

...fu...what a pain
File: TF_raw_84_10.jpg (609.21 KB, 1318x2018)
609.21 KB
609.21 KB JPG
良くやったぞ 燈・・・
Well done Akari...

... I did it ... what Michelle-san ...

―今時の日本人にしちゃ渋い事 言うじゃないか
Do not you say that the bitter with the Japanese of today

But ... -
This is going to be guilty crown level bad i reckon, but bad in a hilarious way.

Like the manga.
File: TF_raw_84_11.jpg (541.44 KB, 1310x2015)
541.44 KB
541.44 KB JPG
This fight when you are done safely -

Also to walk a normal life ... I Think

· · · I'm sure -

え・・・な・・・・ 何スか・・・・?
Eh... what is it?

It should be fun

... Yea

お前に随分 勝手な事言われたのを思い出してな
I recall it was said that fairly arbitrary to you

Eh ...

今更 普通の人生ったってよ・・・・
Because you yo
Ll can just go to normal life at this late hour ...

24 out more
Too late from work was devoted until now ...

・・・・・・ ああ・・・・
... Oh ...

大丈夫ですよ ミッシェルさん
Michelle-san all right
At the same -

Hey you're not 24 years old
File: TF_raw_84_12.jpg (513.40 KB, 1325x2014)
513.40 KB
513.40 KB JPG

えっ ミッシェルさん
4月19日 誕生日ですよね
Michelle-san eh
But it is April 19th birthday

火星到着から数えて ホラ・・・
Desuyo certainly today
Hora, counting from the Mars arrival ...

あ゛っ ホントだ 今日か!!
Today or it's really A゛~tsu! !

Are not you?
I also, but I had to remember yesterday ...

25 Ka~a ...
... Kiri I good Well ...

Hehe ... ...
It is 30 and rounded ...

No sense to rounding?

えっ いや別にそのスミマセン無いです
I'm sorry that there is not a separate E~tsuiya
File: TF_raw_84_13.jpg (562.53 KB, 1313x2017)
562.53 KB
562.53 KB JPG
Honesty ...
I was wondering what kind of debris both is what initially gather

The abandoned from normal life
Crew who came to receive the human experimentation -

だけど 違ったよ
But I was different
Dad ...

It would have been no father wants to be sure

I still come here

I was blessed with a companion at the end of the last

お・・・ おめでとうございます・・・?
Congratulations ... you ...?

―今はこいつらを導き 共に戦うことが―
- Now that you fight together lead to these guys is -

- It is the goal of my life

・・・おう ありがとう
Thank you
File: TF_raw_84_14.jpg (617.17 KB, 1322x2017)
617.17 KB
617.17 KB JPG
Until you solve the problem of virus Mars ...

もう少しだけ力を貸してくれ 父さん――・・・・・
Dad to lend me a little more power - ...

・・・あーあ 何か
Something ... Oh
It has become suddenly calm If I had 30 I ...

なぁ 燈
I wonder Akari

・・・急ごう 小町艦長が捕まったままだ
... I remain Komachi captain to let's hurry was caught

But we also had a tough time than you think ...

When it comes to this
If it is not pulled in the (Rome) anyhow sixth squad

Akari or move

Kaimoku ...!
The biggest problem is that it's supposed to take "40 days" for backup to arrive and they've already lot a fuckton of crew members on the FIRST DAY.
File: TF_raw_84_15.jpg (581.40 KB, 1305x2015)
581.40 KB
581.40 KB JPG
Far it is to the whole body snapping ...

Reason why the fourth squad does not come shooting only one shot the missile is also worried about ...

What a pain ...
If you do not have my ride to Yaeko and Alex anyway ...

・・・まだかな ヤエコ・・・・
Yaeko ... still wonder if ...

And we'll of winning and I ought to know I was watching with binoculars ...

・・・あっ でもホラ・・・・
... A~tsudemo Hora ...

Such-like engine sound I've heard ...
File: TF_raw_84_16.jpg (711.26 KB, 1327x2018)
711.26 KB
711.26 KB JPG
File: TF_raw_84_17.jpg (654.15 KB, 1318x2018)
654.15 KB
654.15 KB JPG
File: TF_raw_84_18.jpg (598.25 KB, 1324x2014)
598.25 KB
598.25 KB JPG
I found "He (second)" and "her (first)" and

File: christian_imageboard.jpg (265.36 KB, 850x1200)
265.36 KB
265.36 KB JPG
Will Akari win the Michelle?

Or will it be some random Johj?
So who will voice JOHJ?
inb4 tumblr rants about racism
Don't know about you guys, but I have a feeling this is going to be really bad.
But it's already out.
Nakata JOHJi
File: translated.jpg (1.37 MB, 1324x2014)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG

That forum discussion. People still think that Terra ForMars is supposed to be taken seriously. Also, I always thought that was a joke but do Americans actually have some indisposition that prevents them from understanding humour? I mean, they have generally huge problem with British humour, have troubles with satire and such.


I would say that OVA will be 40-45 minutes BUGS I. Then Tv series will start with BUGS II which will last two-three episodes and then they will proceed with Annex I.
Anime in general is just an advertisement for source material.

If you can't deal with that, just watch original anime and nothing else.
Is not an American thing, British humour is just shit, anon.
File: 1390452008723.gif (633.93 KB, 512x288)
633.93 KB
633.93 KB GIF
Oh fuck, I thought that was just going to be a fake link.
File: 1391793572616.jpg (62.60 KB, 1473x810)
62.60 KB
62.60 KB JPG
Please don't let this be censored to shit. I need to see giga niggas tearing up everyone's shit up in the most brutal of fashions.
>ainsley edit
oh fuck my sides
That's not very nice, Yunocchi.
>all the 'dats racist' normalfags commentaries about JOHJ
I can't wait.
>Anime in general is just an advertisement for source material.

Uh huh, that's why the anime is usually more popular than the manga right? (exception being mangas with good intricate stories/characters that the anime leaves out)
Are you stupid?
File: 1382595900586.jpg (207.47 KB, 1022x825)
207.47 KB
207.47 KB JPG
File: 1336178283477.gif (499.89 KB, 198x198)
499.89 KB
499.89 KB GIF
Oh man the threads are gonna be so fun. No sarcasm.
File: kai sip.png (37.15 KB, 195x193)
37.15 KB
37.15 KB PNG
>directed by Tetsuro Araki
U wot? I 'ave 'arf a mind to sock u in the gabber u cheeky cunt.
Is this like Akage No Kill but with niggers?
File: Gottfried.jpg (4.74 KB, 300x168)
4.74 KB
4.74 KB JPG
Gilbert Gottfried.

i'm digging this. nigger roaches from mars.
Sydonia no Kishi.
Roaches will be purple, not black. So no issue.
Stopped reading it after 2-3rd trip as the roaches were too much of a powerhouse to see how long until they finally could overtake them.
>now since the manga is all about politics now
Let's not go full retard now.
File: 1389551417109.png (393.13 KB, 481x640)
393.13 KB
393.13 KB PNG
>that's why the anime is usually more popular than the manga right?
Don't talk out of your ass, anon. It's unbecoming.
Did you even pay attention to the last few chapters.
But its true. Fucking dropped it like its hot.

Go away Komeji.
FMA. That's one example.
Do you have figures to back up the claim?
White piggus don't count.
Yeah, action figures.
they can do the BUG2 saga as a complete 12 episode season without making up an original ending

Shit, threads are gonna go from fun to autistic waifushit. It's been nice knowing you guys.
The best things are always simultaneously the most retarded.

I can't wait to get my stopwatch and count down who dies the quickest in animation.
File: oh SHIT.gif (2.60 MB, 459x459)
2.60 MB
2.60 MB GIF
>it's real
File: 1389430182194.jpg (66.10 KB, 500x558)
66.10 KB
66.10 KB JPG
Fuck no friend, can you not see it? The sea of tears as waifufags watch their "pure maidens" brutally ripped limb from limb? It will be glorious.
There are still many waifus alive though. The Michelle cult is going to be discusting.
File: Liu_Yiwu.png (267.12 KB, 462x750)
267.12 KB
267.12 KB PNG
My waifu is still alive and well.
Doujins when
I can't wait to see niggers reactions to this show.
"I didn't know they made anime about us! Yo get Tyrone, I think that's him!"
File: johj.jpg (78.36 KB, 392x429)
78.36 KB
78.36 KB JPG
I can't wait to see them in cons. Flocks of half-naked niggers in bug costumes.
File: 1340887787512.jpg (136.19 KB, 500x488)
136.19 KB
136.19 KB JPG
>Flocks of half-naked niggers in bug costumes.
That's a frightening thought.

Big roided up black dudes wearing nothing but fake antennas and g strings.
It returned to humans vs niggas.
It aways return to humans vs niggas.
But the plot is now durr hurr China's sooo evul they want to kill tha niggas
File: piconigga.jpg (53.92 KB, 480x360)
53.92 KB
53.92 KB JPG
File: otp.jpg (310.63 KB, 962x735)
310.63 KB
310.63 KB JPG
better than snk

I'm black and give 0 fucks.

i love Terra Formars
>nerdy japanese kid gets his life ruined by false rape accusation
Dear whoever said Tumblr will love this and make it the new SnK;
Are you retarded?
>2014 Gantz confirmed

And Akame ga kill is the 2014 Mirai Nikki.
>they can do the BUG2 saga as a complete 12 episode season without making up an original ending
>a volume
>6 chapters
>12 episode
>DBZ level pacing
File: 1366452377901.gif (88.38 KB, 457x402)
88.38 KB
88.38 KB GIF
Never heard of this. Is this some kinda SnK rip off? Looks awful though.
These type of posts aren't funny.
Who will voice Aki?
I hope it's HanaKana so she just dies as she should in many other series
it COULD work though. I'm not saying it's a good idea, but it could work.
The manga is pretty damn fast, it would break the terraformar
File: invencible nigga.jpg (182.12 KB, 728x1166)
182.12 KB
182.12 KB JPG
How can we kill him?
With that grammar and taste you probably can.
So who is your favorite character /a/?
My favorite character is DEEEEEAAAAAAAAD
File: 1370369245786.jpg (387.96 KB, 940x730)
387.96 KB
387.96 KB JPG
that doesnt narrow it down much
Can't wait for that fucking 30 episodes of dudes beating other dudes on a desert.
japanese interracial cosplay porn fucking when?

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