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This show was seriously my aots for the first few episodes. I really looked forward to it every week. It was just really calming I guess.
And then this week its turning into forced teen fatgirl drama yuripandering shit. w-what happened, /a/?
>I don't hate this other girl, but I don't super like her either
>I'm nuetral to her
>Therefore I can't talk to her, hang out with a mutual friend with her, and have to act like a bitch to her.

I don't get where all this drama came from.So you don't like the chick enough to be her friend, why the awkward silence and negative attitude?
Haven't watched Inari yet, but poorly defined buzzwords don't make for legitimate criticism, OP. How can you expect to like any show if you're going to pigeonhole it into a bunch of nonsensical categories?
Yea. the looks she was giving last episode at the festival I thought she was gay for Keiko too or something. I thought 'OK, yuri love triangle side story this could be interesting.' But the most recent episode was pretty much just meh
Well, she's a fucking ugly fat girl whose only friends are 2 girl who pity her. Then comes a super popular and not ugly or fat girl into your group. Of course she's going to be fucking jealous.

Its like you as a skinny, unpopular and ugly nerd in a group of friends that actually likes being around you. Then out of nowhere comes some popular jock fucktard who doesn't fucking belong in your circle join in. It's going to be fucking awkward and uncomfortable.
You should definitely pick it up, I find it quite enjoyable. This week was a dud episode but hopefully it picks up again.

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