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I don't get it /a/, why does the light music club have trouble recruiting new members when their concerts are always depicted as full of people. Mio even has her own fanclub. You would imagine that at least a couple of those Mio fans would be interested in joining the light music club just so they can be close to Mio.
Because learning an instrument and practicing daily is shit.
Casually enjoying concerts is great though.
Because liking music isn't the same as playing music
I'm pretty sure they made a point at some time that they look like a tightly knit group and it would be hard to fit in. But that's probably just Japs being beta as usual.
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Cause students can't escape student assemblies. Its just that simple.
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Everyone probably hated them and thought they were all stupid and annoying but they were so retarded they never saw past the obviously fake affection.
Because they have high standards
in beauty only.
As a music club supervisor myself, I'm glad I'm the one deciding from skill and nothing more.
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Because the main requirement is having to be a cute girl who's begging to contract diabetes.
Well that was depressing
>Frank Zappa
I can't digest a lot of his stuff but he really, really rocked the house with the Uncle Meat Variations and holds a very special place in my heart.

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