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So i read No Bra and Prunus Girl ( I liked prunus girl much better), and was wondering if anyone knew some great other trap/ crossdressing manga.

More like Penis Girl. Because he's a guy and has a penis.
>reading gay shit
Reversible! and Past Future both were cool and both are complete. Another complete one is Gisou Honey Trap.
There's also the Josou Shounen anthology which is mostly trap one-shots.

Shounen Oujo is another trap mango which is still ongoing, and there's that one where the MC crossdresses so he can join a band but I forgot the name.
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>great other trap/ crossdressing manga.
Doesn't exist.
That's a boy.
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The ending to No Bra still makes me mad
Secret Devil-chan
Best trap manga:
Character > Pure Fan-service

One of the greatest attributes a trap can have is actually being likable, rather than just flashing panties every few seconds as a personality.

That being said he's a few I liked recently
>Idolmaster Neue Green
>Mai Otome
>Shounen Shoujo
>Otomegokoro no Jiyuugata
>Past Future
>Shounen x Cinderella
>Boku x Boku
>Mei no Naisho
>Otome wa Boku
>Futari no Elder
>Mizuho Ambivalent
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Realistic /e/ trap boners are always good, which is why this manga is good. However it loses a point since that hetero trap is being a bit of a butt at times. I mean it's a character I want to like, but when you're being a butt you just are. A trap boner isn't something you tastelessly flaunt out, but rather something that has it's greatest virtue when hidden.
No bra is the one about the "real" girl with a huge dick?

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