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Holy shit, why didn't I watch this show earlier?
Anyways, Aria thread.
I love Aria too!
Keep a childlike sense of wonder about yourself, and you'll never be bored in life
Remember to give a little love each and every day!
I'm just going to dump some random art I've collected over the years.
my Aria folder is pretty massive.
aria is a miracle of the universe
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What's your favorite episode/chapter?
the last 6 of origination, I cried bitchtears
I have all the soundtracks. It's so soothing to listen to before bed.
I love you, /a/non. This definitely helps fill the hole in my heart left by the crushing realization that there will be no more Aria

we still having amanchu

Kozue Amano is currently writing a manga by the name of Amanchu! which shares several similar themes about friendship, natural beauty, and finding fulfillment in everyday aspects of life
Who is your favorite Undine?

I like Alice.
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This is a friendly reminder that life is beautiful and if you always stay positive like Akari it brightens the lives of those around you and ensures they return the favor in time.

Have a great day, anonymous.
Akari without a doubt. Though it's really hard to not love every character in Aria.

embarrassing comments are prohibited!
Animation when Akari cry, I think was episode 6 and filler.
...except Maa-kun. Maa's an asshole.
I finally started watching this the other day, it was a little hard to get past the first episode but after that I haven't felt bored since, it's very relaxing.

It does seem to be something I can't marathon through though, kind of like Hidamari Sketch.
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1. Aria
2. Hidamari Sketch
3. Non Non Biyori
4. Sketchbook: Full Color's
5. Mushishi
6. Tamayura
7. Kamichu!
8. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVAs
9. Binchou-tan
10. Mahoraba 〜Heartful Days

...if you haven't seen any of these, watch them. It'll fill the hole a little.
File: 1352082287144.jpg (1.13 MB, 2266x1673)
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Absolutely. You don't want to marathon Aria, you want to watch an episode or two each day before going to bed, preferably while very, very comfy.
Aria and Hidamari are very alike, so it's not terribly surprising.
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>dat OST
Hidamari isn't more iyashikei.

It wasn't implied that Hidamari is "more iyashikei." If you're saying it's not iyashikei at all... you're wrong.
I read the manga a few weeks ago. I didn't know if I needed to watch the anime after reading it, but someone convinced me to, and I've been watching one episode every night before going to bed. It gives me a unique feeling of subtle happiness. Now I only wish I could find a mod for Morrowind to allow me to control the gondolas in that game.

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