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Hey, if you're one of those fucking nerds who keeps bitching about the lack of honorifics in subtitles, go fuck yourself. No, really.

Do you watch your shitty Chinese cartoons with the sound off? Do you also want the tone of the lines written into the subtitles? Why don't we just forget it and have the subbing groups simply use romanji instead of a goddamn translation.

Here's an idea: if you give so many shits about your shitty translations, learn some fucking moonrunes and just watch the raws. Every minute you post about how shitty a sub is because it fails to leave untranslated Japanese in the subtitles is a minute you could actually be learning Japanese.
Yes indeed, I agree! OP the points you make are so true. I wish people would see your point.

Yes.Glad to see another fellow sane person on this board! OP does indeed make a fair point.
>>102047044 (you)
>>102047119 (you)
>>102046779 (you)
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Is this for real? Did some Narutard get his panties in a knot because some people don't want their english subs to sound like a 4kids dub, or localized to the hip slang of Bumfuckville, Alabama?

Does this guy not get the fact that honorifics convey contextual meaning you can't accurately portray just by mangling english phrases in an attempt to make them fit? "Big bro" is descriptive and never a form of address, Chuckles.

In their panicky throws of weeaboo-fright, some shit-heads would rather butcher english grammar and stagger translations with awkward phrasing, than leave an honorific intact.

Or is this just a shitty troll?

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