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File: I give my heart to you.jpg (128.01 KB, 1280x720)
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Happy Valentine's Day, /a/
fuck off
I'm not into burger holidays but thanks I guess?
I love you blue
holy shit im dying

That episode was so amazing.
File: 1379474366883.png (97.93 KB, 254x254)
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Can you say she touched her heart?
>tfw my secret sisters theory was totally validated

Come on Aikuro-is-daddy theory, hit it on the money
was it rape?
Kali Ma

So what's she gonna do now? Crush Ryuuko's heart?
>that NEP

You know when they show you nothing shit's going down.
She really held her heart in her hands
File: 1364092851367.png (85.25 KB, 210x240)
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85.25 KB PNG
This episode really tugged at the heartstrings.
Wouldn't it just regenerate?
Damn it Carlos. Somehow, I have found you in every thread that Kill la Kill was mentioned in
Better question, how are Ryuuko and Satsuki going to get out of this? Ryuuko is basically fucked and Satsuki can't do shit.
Ryuuko is such a trash heroine.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm your mom
So fuck you
I thought episode 17 was implying Kinue was Ryuko's father because Tsumugu could hear Senketsu, who is linked to Ryuko's genes.

Now I don't know what to think.
File: victor.jpg (337.74 KB, 640x1080)
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337.74 KB JPG
The strongest powerlevel always comes from The Heart.
File: Spoiler Image (12.65 KB, 371x337)
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12.65 KB JPG

Go fuck yourself OP

Yes I'm mad
Nah, ryuuko's dad is also ryuuko's dad, which is satsuki's dad too.

That's how he could make a godrobe specifically for ryuuko, as well as the scissors, and actually be powerful enough to hit nui.
>ryuuko's dad is also ryuuko's dad

no shit huh
I forget all these names bud. I also forgot if her first or last name is matoi or ryuuko.

My point was clear though. Nobody else is her father besides the one who is explicitly declared as her father.
File: 1335837208514.jpg (55.16 KB, 900x810)
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55.16 KB JPG
>I also forgot if her first or last name is matoi or ryuuko.
Ryuuko will "die" but will be fused even more with the big original life fiber and resurrect becming immortal.
And she will win every best ass straw poll ever made
Fuck them slant eye chink bitches.

Some people call her matoi and others call her ryuuko. What the fuck? I know it's about whether they've fucked or not = being called your first or last name, but at this point she just gets her name swapped out with every other character.
Ryuuko will "die" but her soul will go back to the time when she was happiest.
That song all makes sense now,

Fuck did Trigger ruin Valentines.
Her heart is still beating, she's fine.

The next episode is about the four devas going into action because the main heroines are indisposed? That sounds pretty fucking awesome!
File: 1335563131688.jpg (7.41 KB, 720x720)
7.41 KB
7.41 KB JPG
Exactly how many anime have you watched? Yeah, not all names can be easily distinguished as "first name" or "last name", but 99% of us know that most Japanese names ending in "-ko" are female first names.

Your statement makes you look like you started watching chinese cartoons 2 months ago.
>Senketsu can only talk to people with Ryuuko's genes.
>Satsuki was left without an uniform but her body is still salvageable.
>Ryuuko got her heart ripped out.
>Satsuki is Ryuuko's biological sister.

>Ragyo goes Kano on Ryuuko
>Devas will sacrifice themselves to hold Ragyo and company
>Nudist beach will retreat with Satsuki and Ryuukos corpse
>Satsuki will donate hear heart to her little sister
>Ryuuko recovers with the power of friendship and love
>Saves the day

Its gonna happen.

They all gonna die though.
Satsuki dies then?
>shit going down hard
>mako being retarded and wasting precious screen time

Fuck mako seriously.

They're gonna have to be next episode. Satsuki no longer has Junketsu, Ryuuko doesn't have the heart to carry on, and the rest of the students are being controlled by Ragyo.

Rescue mission by the Mankanshoku family, remnants of Nudist Beach and the Four Devas begins.
As long as they go down in a cool way, that's fine.

So they all lose their armors again it seems.

Judging by what the OP implies probably just monkey
I really dont see how they are going to recover. There isnt anyone alive who can create a new Kamui.

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