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Mako is the only Heroine who isn't completely fucked at this point.

And she's the only one who's powerlevel has been eluded to but not fully revealed.

Mako is going to save Ryuko and Satsuki next episode.

I mean let's be honest.

Ryuko who scared Nui shitless, was taken down in 1 hit by Ragyo. Nudist Beach and the Devas can't hope to confront her.

Mako is the only hope left.
File: Mako is superhuman.gif (1.21 MB, 640x360)
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Remember that time when she grabbed bullets out of thin air?

Or that time when she swam through an explosion?

Or that time when the heat from Ryuko burned her but didn't give a single fuck and was fine a couple seconds later?

Or that time when she said that if her stomach was cut her lunch would fall out and she would have to eat it again? It's almost like she can't be killed and serious injuries would only slow her down for a short time.

Just like Ragyo.

Mako confirmed for fused with life fibers.
>Mako is going to save Ryuko and Satsuki next episode.
But you even circled "three". Mako is one of those, isn't she?
The whole preview listed Mako as gone and was all about the Devas and Nudist Beach though.

They will probably have their moment to shine in next episode with a manly death to bring the heroines back or something like that.
She's absent but not near death like the other two.
Trigger always misdirects with previews.
Yes, but they misdirect by don't saying shit not by outright lying.
All they said was that Mako's absent.

That doesn't mean she just fucked off.

She would never leave Ryuko behind.

And who always fucking saves Ryuko?

Mako does.
I think it just means that Mako will be mostly absent next episode, I don't doubt that Mako would end doing something to help Ryuuko.
Bump for the hero that Ryuko deserves.
Next episode will be Uzu centered.

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