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So is this the best Miyazaki film?
Or is it generally accepted to be Mononoke?

It's such a well built world, and the way he, as usual, somehow makes nobody out to be a villain is just so fantastical.
Is it just me or are there SERIOUS parallels between it and Mononoke though?
The anti-nature, female leader who lost an arm to the very thing she fights? The same arm no less. The main character who unites man and nature in a peaceful way? Is this done on purpose?
Yes, Naushika is the best Miyazaki.
30 years old now - Downhill from there.

The Anno remake will be even better.
Probably, yes
>Anno remake
That will certainly be interesting, if nothing else. As a series or movie?
Neither of those things is Porco.

Nausicaa manga is god tier though and the movie is damn fucking fantastic.
You telling me Porco Rosso is even better than those two? Well shit anon, you better not let me down. Because those are some damned high standards you are setting.

I guess I just really love the setting of Nausicaa, and mixing in Miyazakis standard "There is no evil, only the rules of nature and man" kind of thing.
Those Ohmu rampaging, and the jungle growing in spite of, and in fact BECAUSE, the earth was so fucked, I don't know its just such a great fairy-tale
You should read the manga, there's a lot more going on that couldn't fit in the movie.
Shit, add another to the pile that is my backlog.
How long is it, roughly?
Five standard volumes, or two large hard cover books.
That's doable. Thanks for the recommendation anon.

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