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Day 65: Final day

It's been a nice two months. Re-reading it again reminded me just how much I love this series.

Hopefully Shaft will deliver on a finale OVA or S4 one day.

Also, Suimasen put out the second chapter of Kumeta's new manga


They need translators if there are any moon knowers our there with some free time
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Chapter 300

The Kafuka-chan We Knew Was Like An Angel

This is a reference to a line from Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human" that goes "The Yô-chan we knew […] was like a god".

First published June 6, 2012

P2 Influential family

Reference to the Itoshiki family originally being stand-ins for the Tokita family.
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>P2 Hyakumi Sho

The kanji used for the name 百見署 read "hundred" "see" "(police) station". This is actually the name of the district police station in the next chapter, too, which would seem to be quite a coincidence. In any case, seems to be a tongue in the cheek reference to the cliche police procedural as in "police station you've seen a 100 times on TV". 百味 also read hyakumi also means "all kinds of food" so phonetically the name could also be interpreted as "variety food show".
File: 04.png (260.51 KB, 1080x1600)
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>P3 Shared fantasy

Previously covered in chapter 293.
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File: 06.png (233.03 KB, 1080x1600)
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>Transplant Coordinator

A coordinator in this case is somebody who accompanies the family of a (deceased) donor or the recipient and their family before and after the transplant. It seems like Chie has been in charge of the whole Akagi An case.

>P4 Organic Memory

Previously covered in chapter 296.
File: 07.png (372.54 KB, 1080x1600)
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372.54 KB PNG
>P1 Background

This background was taken from the book "Kaitai Shinsho" (New text on anatomy/dissection) by Sugita Genpaku. It's a Japanese translation of a Dutch translation of a German anatomy book called "Anatomische Tabellen" (Anatomic charts) with the contents of some other books worked into it as well and was published in 1774. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaitai_Shinsho)
If the series is loved so much, why aren't all the chapters translated?
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225.70 KB PNG
>P1 Donor card

The text is the actual verbatim text of a Japanese organ donor card. The signature is dated April 27, 2005, the day the first chapter of SZS was published in Weekly Shōnen magazine.

Before July 16 2010, any person over the age of 15 could not have their organs transplanted without a signed donor card; after this date, donation can be made with the consent of family if the person is declared brain dead.

>P3 Reverse Pinoko

Pinoko is the name of Black Jack's assistant (from the manga Black Jack). She's a kind of artificially built human who used to be a parasitic twin with her organs being all over the place in her twin sister's body. Black Jack gave her her own body.
>If the series is loved so much, why aren't all the chapters translated?
Because it is hard..
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229.19 KB PNG

Because the world is cruel.
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>P1 PN

Used elsewhere in the series as shorthand for "Pen Name", it is revealed here to also be the abbreviation for "Personality".

>P5 Library Book card

The Ze 2 Bo with the number can be read as zetsubō minna-san sayonara (Despair, goodbye everyone). The Bunkyo-ku Koishikawa Library is an actual library.
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Chapter 301

Exactly like Chapter 1, this title is based off James Hilton's book, Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

Published June 13, 2012
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301.21 KB PNG
>P1 Eraser ラーフル

According to Kumetan calling the blackboard eraser a "raafuru" or "rafel" is something of Dutch origin meaning "to wipe" with a cloth. Unfortunately for this theory, at least modern Dutch appears to have no word with such a meaning. In any event, the significance here is that this usage is found mainly in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures, on the southeasternmost part of Kyūshū.


Probably a reference to the admittedly complex orthographic rules in written Japanese.

>Unnatural hiragana use

Probably not so much the hiragana that was used, but the fact that there's an exclamation mark after them. "Keion" refers to K-ON, "Shimoneta" means "dirty jokes", "Youtsuu" means "back pain", "Risutora" means "restructuring", and "Oshioki" means "spanking children". The last one is a little weird because it's usually spelled with katakana.
File: 03.png (298.31 KB, 1080x1600)
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>P4 Vending machine

The vending machine is for "Happy Family", a brand of condoms.

>Going to a Precur*-show

A few weeks before this chapter was published, there was a news story about some mother complaining about the number of grown men at the Precure shows despite it being a show for children (or so she thought).

>Despair List

>Wearing school shoes until you get home
School or work slippers
>Taking the Ichigo Shinbun with you
A "newspaper" found in a Sanrio store. It contains updates about Sanrio characters and products.
File: 04.png (296.30 KB, 1080x1600)
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296.30 KB PNG

Kudō is holding a Bible.

>P3 …forbids both suicide and blood transfusions.

Certain sects, for example the Jehovah's Witnesses, hold that blood transfusion from another person is against the tenets of their beliefs.

>P6 Maria Kannon

Kannon is a Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. During the Tokugawa era, when Christianity was illegal in Japan, Christians used Kannon as a stand-in for the Virgin Mary to avoid suspicion. In some places, the two figures merged over time, hence the Maria Kannon.
File: 05.png (386.54 KB, 1080x1600)
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>P3 Picture offerings

If you look closely, the leftmost picture of the panel is a layout of the Pororocan that Kafuka drew in Vol. 1 Ch. 2, p28 on her list of future plans. The background of the center picture is the 2 page layout in Vol. 2 Ch. 13 p44-45.

>P4 Vegetarian cooking

"Vegetarian" cooking is also another way to express "according to religion" in Japan, much like the word "Kosher" for Jewish people.

>P7 Positive Gene

Oh boy, now we're messing with serotonin. This can't be good. The specific gene, Serotonin Transporter Type LL, is thought to decrease suicidal tendencies as well as make carriers have more positive outlooks on life.
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File: 08.png (305.67 KB, 1080x1600)
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>P1 Chiri and her coffins

Reference to the 1966 "Spaghetti Western" Django, which opens with the title character dragging a coffin behind him into town. As always in Japanese media, this has been previously referenced many times, including an episode of Fist of the North Star.
File: 09.png (255.48 KB, 1080x1600)
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255.48 KB PNG
>P5 That's not my line of work

Sensei works mainly as an exorcist of sorts, performing posthumous graduation ceremonies and the sort. His older brother, Enishi, is the one who carries out posthumous marriage ceremonies.

>P5 Atami honeymoons

Were apparently the thing during the Shōwa period.
File: 10.png (365.14 KB, 1080x1600)
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365.14 KB PNG
File: 12.png (345.40 KB, 1080x1600)
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>Traumeri, verse 3

"Oratio" (latin for "speech") is actually spelled in a way that means "Horatio", but the song doesn't make sense like that. "The memory of your true self's name" may also possibly be translated as "The memory of your true soul's name".
File: 11.png (378.03 KB, 1080x1600)
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Forgot a page
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2.31 MB PNG
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2.18 MB PNG
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Tang end is best end
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File: 03.png (391.58 KB, 1292x2026)
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Chapter 30X

>P4 …Dreaming Souls Truth Extra

The Japanese name is Bessatsu Jijitsu Mukon 別冊事実夢魂. While "Mukon" is written as "Souls of Dreaming People" (<- Dreaming Souls), if it's written in different Kanji, the word can also mean "without proof", making the name of this magazine sound like "Truth Without Proof"
File: 04.png (247.37 KB, 1027x1600)
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247.37 KB PNG
>P2 …interesting for a third-rate magazine

The term she actually uses is a "third-rate Kasutori-magazine". Kasutori actually refers to shôchû made from sake-lees (Kasu) instead of rice or sweet potato. It was used in the early showa era to also refer to magazines that usually talked about red-light-district stuff and had little success, often being stopped after only a few issues.
File: 05.png (386.68 KB, 1300x2026)
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File: 06.png (342.95 KB, 1304x2024)
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379 KB PNG
File: 10.png (341.39 KB, 1307x2028)
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File: 12.png (325.53 KB, 1295x2019)
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File: despair-group-szs.gif (1.28 MB, 400x225)
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1.28 MB GIF
And done.

Here's my favorite Kumeta blog line

I hear the words "Good Old Days" a lot recently, but I have to say for me there really were never any good old days.
When I debuted, I was embarrassed of my work from one year before that.
Ten years ago, I was embarrassed of the work I made one week before that.
Currently, I'm embarrassed at the same time that I actually draw it.
I will probably always be embarrassed of every work I produce.
I regret the future.
I regret it in advance.

I'll probably do something similar to this in the next few weeks and do 50-60 pages of Akira a day till its completion.
thanks Desmond ;_;
>I regret the future.
>I regret it in advance.
I love this guy
Its like Kumeta is Itoshiki
Thank you. Quite an incredible ending.
I'm gettin quite emotional for reading the final chapters again, since this is one of my favourite mangas. Thank you for this, Desmond.

She's spreading... (to those with matching blood types at least... unless she's a universal donor...).

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