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File: 1390870442743.png (539.25 KB, 791x720)
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Hey /a/ quick question:
do you fap thinking about your waifu or you want to keep her pure?
I fap exclusively to my waifu. We're married after all, it's natural we should have sex
File: 1390763991981.jpg (669.64 KB, 970x1570)
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>tfw you don't have a waifu yet
>tfw karen is most certainly waifu material
>tfw you accidently fapped to her
>pic related, i tell myself "it's not actually her", but i know i'm just fooling myself
>Not staying pure yourself for your waifu.
File: 30076769.jpg (131.48 KB, 796x1576)
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What about other blond foreign girls voiced by the same actress?
File: karen pose.png (446.13 KB, 640x360)
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446.13 KB PNG
I'd fap to Karen any time.
I tried fapping to a mental image of her but it was hard to do.
My waifu is too pure for fapping.

She's pretty obscure so I doubt there is any material of her anyway.
My waifu barely gets any doujins and even fewer make it to the internet.
I fap exclusively to my beloved.
i would kill my waifu if she dont want to do it, i would put my dick in her mouth, and punch her till she scream my name, and penetrate her ass so hard, that all my waifus will come to cheer her up.
after that, she will be crying and i would hug her and whisp to her ear " everything will be fine"
epic post
Only if I imagine her having a baby 9 months later.
File: bellows_67.jpg (83.46 KB, 1280x720)
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83.46 KB JPG
I fap to my waifu. People saying they don't are delusional faggots.
I wish I had what it took to fap only to her. I can't help myself, I fap to anything. And when it is her, it's usually either her cheating on me or me cheating on her.
Who's your waifu so I can fuck her in front of you?
File: 1379789460300.png (371.02 KB, 600x852)
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371.02 KB PNG
fapping to your waifu is a proof that she's beautiful.
if you'd fap to someone else she might think that she's ugly and her body isn't worth even fapping to it.
As hot as that sounds, I don't plan to ever reveal her.
File: 41604057_p0.jpg (459.20 KB, 700x927)
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459.20 KB JPG
You've been fapping to Kongou but not Karen?
I fap to her while awake, but in my lucid dreams I only cuddle with her.

Sho smooth...

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