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Fine, going against traditional values that people hold in their relationships.

If my girlfriend cheated on me, i would just leave her and find someone else.

You people put too much weight on interpersonal relationships. It's not as serious as you make it out to be.
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The thing the actor guy did sounds like something I would do honestly, but never maliciously. A friend and I poke fun at a mutual friend of ours who's busy all the time. But if we knew it bothered him we wouldn't do it. Maybe he didn't mean anything by it.

But yeah, your friends (at the least the ones who are worth being friends with) should understand. I don't think it should be a big deal. Is the actor the only one you're getting a dickish vibe from?

Good luck with your future and all that.

>because a life unexamined is a blissfully ignorant, adn therefore peaceful life. I guess

If only it was so easy. Unexamined sources of stress are never resolved, and examined nuances can become stressors, so it goes both ways.

>Thank you for your advice, which is good advice for me because it "awakened" some of my own thoughts in my head I've been pushing to the back.

ha man it's hardly advice since I'm not in the position to be giving it. You sound a lot like me but you actually sound like you have the willpower to do it so I figure that if I know you're making an effort it will motivate me to make an effort as well. I'm not sure if that sounds selfish but I mean I want to see you improve and get out there.

Talking to people and looking them in the eyes comes with practice. I know exactly what you mean about losing your train of thought and panicking when you look into someones eyes. That's why it's a lot easier with total strangers who know nothing about you and you don't necessarily have to see them ever again. Start with small talk since it's hard to go wrong with small chatter and from there you can sus out if you feel comfortable enough to continue talking to the person. Some people are quite genuine and you'll notice a calming look in their eyes and you can see that they're relaxed when they're talking to you and are clearly passing no judgement on you (or anyone else) so focus on that and let it set your mind at ease so you can have a friendly chat.

>Like a violin, clay for sculpting and crossword puzzle books and pads of paper for drawing.

All a great start and all you have to do is START DOING which is what I tell myself as well but don't do. It's all mind stimulating so you can be as creative as you want and if you want to make or draw something the idea will pop into your mind eventually. You just have to keep trying and messing about with a hobby and soon you'll be a master of it.

>I am just so fucking scared of trying, because when I do something, I want it to be perfect the first time and that is dumb.

I think a lot of people have that tendency to be a perfectionist and all I can say to that is "let go".

once again I hope all that made sense
Goodness gracious that's beautiful.

>the reason the 1% has "too much" is because 99% of people are closed minded, negative and defeatist.

You are full of shit.
I seem to use it as a coping mechanism. The more distressed I feel, the more intricate the fantasies will become. I'm a very socially anxious person, and I get irritated easily. Both of these things will lead me to ruminating. Idk, it's not very good, it's still a bad feeling all around, and I'm just channeling it in a weird way. I wish I wasn't such a neurotic, unhappy person. If I was a confident, happy asshole I wouldn't give a shit one way or another. But yeah, though I have some sense of embarrassment about it, I also enjoy them. For some reason I wish I didn't, but maybe that's only because I'm unhappy in other regards.

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