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Really getting sick of this, so i'll only upload the new pages.
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Oh, Murata.
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I wonder how many designs Garou will go through.
File: 31-32.jpg (566.27 KB, 1720x1236)
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that's it for today.

Guess he chickened out, but it was really not something worth panel-animating.
The redraw was worth it.


Again? I thought his face was a bit on the plain side but this is an unwanted over haul. I don't even want to look forward to one punch man anymore. I mean, what's the point of redoing the armor over and over again if its just going to break?

Says you, I wanted it bad.
2 week wait for 4 pages (some of which are redrawn). I love OPM and Murata's redrawn version but this is just ridiculous. I hope he pulls his shit together and stops redrawing pages over and over again (maybe redraw for tankobons but not for the biweekly release).
I wish he would stop actually releasing it when he wasn't entirely happy. Who gives a fuck how late it is. These redraws are just silly.

Why? OPM is an art project for him. This is just like complaining about his animated page sequences.
uploaded to mega because mf is currently being weird.


Thanks, man.
It's exactly because it's an art project that he shouldn't be forced to release it or be pressured under deadlines.

Maybe he was happy when he released it but upon a second look he decided it wasn't good for him?

I mean, the redraws for the Sea King were also spot-on.
That's a fair point. But I still don't think he'd end up doing so many of them if he actually had more time. Honestly, the original Boros looked pretty half-assed if you asked me.

He clearly thought the same.
Hindsight is 20/20 bro. Just be thankful Murata is a perfectionist.
>Lord Bors

Wasn't it Boros?
File: bors.png (124.44 KB, 553x862)
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For all the whining this is the first "revision" that hasn't actually added to the overall page count.
I'd also take revisions and "needless" perfectionism over catching up.
So, it's destiny of all Borses, huh?
Someone should just post the translated script for anyone to paste it on redrawn pages. Murata isn't even as prolific with this project as before anymore.
File: 1374829572146.gif (456.63 KB, 720x404)
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456.63 KB GIF
>Murata isn't even as prolific with project as before anymore
>Murata isn't even as prolific

Are you seriously saying what i think you just said?
>people still treating OPM like a published printed manga instead of Murata's art project
Stop feeling entitled for releases just because the artist thinks he can do better. Webcomic artists redo their stuff all the damn time, unlike works that have to be published and can't do take-backs when they find something they dislike on their work.

Also, if you're itching for plot progression, just read the original webcomic.
>I don't even want to look forward to one punch man anymore.
then don't, go away, no one will miss you

> I mean, what's the point of redoing the armor over and over again
you mean that ONE time he did it?

Pretty much. He's obviously taking his time with OPM now. I'm assuming he's also backtracking so he won't have to redraw panels for the tank releases.

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