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This come to my attention!

Supposed THIS is from the novels:

Saito: "Hey, Derf, who's the coolest guy in this world?"
Derflinger: "You of course, partner."
Saito: "In this diry world where the mages swagger all over the place, who's the greatest guy?"
Derflinger: "You of course, partner."
Saito raised his chest even more. Some unknown confidence is rising within him for absolutely no reason. He felt as if the entire world is blessing him. Saito is obviously lacking in the IQ department.
Saito: "To be violated by such a cool and great dude like me, Ruiz sure is lucky."
Derflinger: "That arrogant noble girl sure is lucky. But why won't you try hitting on her normally? If she's falling for you, then you don't have to wait for her to be asleep to do this, no?"
A very reasonable opinion. However, Saito shook his head.
Saito: "She's stubburn, can't be honest."
Derflinger: "Sure looks like it."
Saito: "If I try hitting on her normally, her shyness will just get the better of her, and she'll just say something like "what are you talking about? You familiar!", and look away for sure."
Derflinger: "You're totally right. My partner sure is a clever man."
Saito: "Right? That's why violation. Even though her mouth is saying all those arrogant things, at the bottom of her heart, she wants to be conquered by me. After all, she's in love with me, you know. That's the kind of girl Ruiz is."
Derflinger: "Ohh, my partner is a genius."
Saito: "Therefore, as the representative of Earth, I shall now violate a bishoujo of this alter-world Halkeginia. That why I want you to be quiet, alright?"
Derflinger shook slightly, as a sign of agreement.
Derflinger: "In that case, I'll be quiet."
Saito saluted him, and snuck closer towards Ruiz's bed.

repost is a repost of a repost

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