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>Ryuuko is defeated, Satsuki disappeared, Mako's whereabouts unknown - it couldn't be worse than that!
>But there are still the Elite Four and the Nudist Beach soldiers
>Show them how tenacious humans are!

One of them is dying to rescue Ryuuko:
Uzu, Aikurou, Tsumugu, Gama

Uzu is the favorite, but they it may also be Aikurou or Tsumugu.
>goes against Nui and Ragyo
>butt naked now
>grabs his blindfold and rips it off revealing his eyes were stitched with nexus threads
>revives his MK3 for one final attack
>he still loses but buys enough time for the devas to save Satsuki and Ryuko
>looks like we wont be finishing that fight, ryuko

He had a good run. He always fought someone tougher then him but still came back stronger each time.
Uzu is a goner.
Ill miss that shamisen
See you later fashion viral.
He seems naked, he is dying for real next week.
Why isn't the blindfold gold?
Didn't the LN mention that Sanageyama's gang would appear in the fight too?
They might appear in this episode, during Uzu's last fight
It's fucking obvious that Nui is going to double cross Ragyo.
If Nui does save Ryuko I will laugh so fucking hard.

Oh man, Uzu is going to sacrifice himself to give the others a chance for escape
>tfw Uzu was your favorite Deva, all things considered
>Nui saves Ryuuko
>Ragyo beats the shit out of Nui, killing her
>Ryuuko escapes while Nui is being killed

pls no
Why did you copy-paste your post again?
Were you hoping to get more of a reaction?
yfw it turns out he has feelings for Satsuki

Nigga what? If anything it would Ryuuko.

The only Devas that I could see having feelings for Satsuki are Gama or Nonon. But those feel like really high respect/attachment more than anything
I would bet on Tsumugu before any of the Devas, but if one Deva is going to die it's definitely going to be the monkey.
The preview hinted more at Monkey than at Tsumugu.
If Monkey dies I quit.

Unless he dies with adequate amounts of glory.
>>Nui saves Ryuuko

Except no, that's fucking retarded. Nui wants Ryuuko dead.
>Crunchyroll delaying shit AGAIN

Why is it that every time there's a serious plot episode, it gets delayed? Either coincidence or Crunchy is just being a bunch of niggers.

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