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What show is at the top of your backlog, and why aren't you watching it right this instant?
tie between Mushishi and the rest of Hidamari Sketch

can't seem to get into the right mood for either
>105d ago
Must suck to rely on scanlations.
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Railgun S. I've already read the manga. I can't be bothered tp sit through the Sisters Arc for the fourth time.
The guy that's suppose to be scanlating is too busy running the /a/ archives.
But I am watching what's at the top of my backlog.

I just started watching a good amount of anime this summer (maybe a total of 8 shows before), so I had a ton of prequel stuff to watch for those seasons. I am keeping up with maybe 12 shows this season and I managed to finish up JoJo for next season. I would start Haruhi any time now, but I have the MCAT coming up soon so I really shouldn't be messing around with much anime... but I still am watching seasonal stuff.
I'm three episodes ahead of you

Tonnura hasn't been updated in quite some time. Black Lagoon; same thing. AIKI has not seen a new chapter since August, not to talk about Berserk.
>Everything from last two weeks that isn't KlK or /glassesadjust (found some free time), which includes Dandy, Nisekoi and 4x No .
Exam session. Gotta earn the bux to uphold my NEET-like lifestyle...
>I'm three episodes ahead of you

All well and good, I'm enjoying this show regardless.
Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen.

No special reason, I'm just really lazy.

Or maybe because I can't deal with the empty void in my soul after I've finished an animu I really liked anymore.

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