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Alright /a/, so here I am sitting here 30 min before college with a little thc in my system and im sitting here thinking, what the fuck was Frieza?

Like seriously... What race was his father/ brother/ himself etc. ???

Was or is there a planet with these motherfucking titans just roaming around?

I am seriously interested if any hardcore fan out there knows.

I know DBZ is generic crap to yous guys but i just didn't know where else to take this question.

Thank you for your time gents.
>he thinks Toriyama put that much effort into designing his settings
He's a mutant like the ginyu foce was. well his father was the mutant really. he just inherited the genes from his dad.
>daily reminder that funimation hasnt announced blurays beyond season 3

ive already ordered them all, i have faith in you gen-sama
Hes a motherfucking alein motherfucker. There are tons of them in the DB universe, along with talking dog people and parallel universes and shit. Its science, aint gotta explain shit.
as far as we can tell, he's from a race that reproduces asexually, like the nameks, but there are very few left.
In all likelihood, based on what we saw them do to other species. they ruling cold family probably wiped out the rest.
He's from a race of wife beaters who beat the fairer sex of their race into oblivion. It's also why they have an instinctive love of realty: their domestic deputes atomize planets.

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