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Personally, I was afraid that I would encounter with one of this kind of thread (Oldfags are better... NO, newfags are better...), so I would like to share with you my story (I always read yours, 4chan users, and I dont have ANIME friends, so Why not?); I only watched Pokémon in my whole life, until I decided to try a recommendation on anime from Mcanime.net (latinfag here), and watched Papakiki!. I was done, I loved it, but didn't feel I would like to see more "seasonal" anime. I discovered 9gag, and one day I run into an image of TnK-kun!, (A "The real me lives on the internet!" image) and I decide I would give it a shot. I entered one of those sites that publish the episode from the first fansub who released it; well, crappy website, and then I saw a chart where the people voted for the best Anime of the moment (I didn't know anything about seasons): the second: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun with 6000~ points, and the first, with almost the double than that, something called Sword Art Online. I liked it, I cried, and is my FAVORITE anime... but, I know it's not a Masterpiece, so I'm watching anime that airs on these seasons, since october 2012, and the only thing I could considerate Really really good (Chuu2 is good but not so much) was SnK, and a little TaKnR S, and its first season. From this season, I would choose Noragami (Yeah, I know that my taste is not so good...). Anyway, I considered watching anime from the old school, and the only way I could possibly know if they're good, is the Top 10 from Anime News Network. Steins;Gate, Code Geass, CLANNAD and its sequel, Death Note, Fate/Zero, Ghost in The Shell (all of it). Anyway, the question is: am I an Oldfag, or a newfag? And if I am a newfag, what can I do to become an Oldfag, watch more old anime? Like what? (Sorry for my English, I learned it not because of School, but for How I met Your Mother, only understanding 70% of what they said; currently, 100%)
yeah anime is pretty fun
>SAO pic
Fuck off and lurk more
Too long didn't read
lurk more
2/10. sage
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Thanks for giving me a reason to post this.
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try less hard
If this is not a troll: underage ban.
If this is a troll: underage ban.

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