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Does NGE ever pick up?

I just watched 4 episodes, and my god, it's so fucking slow. Nothing happens at all. I'm not trying to shit on the show, I'm trying to give it a second chance, but jesus. Shinji is such a wuss, it's annoying. The character development is nice and all but christ, do something. The show is going nowhere... There was a scene where Shinji and the girl just stood staring at each other for like.. a full minute at a train station.

I don't want to watch that, I want to watch them doing something, it doesn't even have to be a fight scene or anything, just literally anything at all.
Watch FLCL.
File: 1391695657222.jpg (16.49 KB, 245x305)
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it's old boring shit that only nostalgiafags like, what did you expect

drop it and pick up a good show instead.
Don't force yourself through 20+ more episodes of that, cause you will only be met with disappointment
A friend told me it gets better after ep6 or 7. Is that true?
Nah it's shit no one here watched it, we all dropped it after ep3
Watch some good new shows like the latest futari wa milky holmes or passion (the manga is also great)
File: 113223214234355.png (1.19 MB, 791x1020)
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Yeah, you bet your faggot ass it picks up. Best do yourself a favor and keep watching, there's a shift in direction at episode 14 and it's all gold from there.
Nah, it's garbage. Drop it. Also /a/ is shit so you should probably leave. You know, for your own sake.
>the show is going nowhere
Are you a time traveler from the 90s?
File: 12123425425346.gif (2.86 MB, 255x144)
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2.86 MB GIF
Keep watching. Its the greatest anime series ever conceived.
It is shit. You should drop it as fast as you can. Then you should get out from /a/ and go to /r/anime instead.
File: 1386373766017.png (293.11 KB, 500x750)
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293.11 KB PNG
It's fucking amazing, picks up halfway through the episodes. The newest movie had a god tier OST.
>ITT: it's 1996
File: 12132432435325345.png (1.16 MB, 1280x684)
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>The newest movie had a god tier OST.

Mah nigga.

What happens if Anno decides he doesn't want to stop the ride and plans to create a new EVA television series?
Yeah, eventually.
Someone has probably posted this before but do you realize how fast he's going to cause a fucking vapor cone? Over 600 MPH.
File: 1350448946928.jpg (28.89 KB, 279x304)
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No, it's shit literally nothing happens throughout the whole series and it's all boring bullshit which nobody cares about it.
Shinji is also a fucking pussy and you should drop the show before you waste more time on it.

>Riding down a dark highway
>This starts playing:
>Track comes to a close
>Look at speedometer
>I'm doing 130mph
File: ameth.jpg (17.04 KB, 246x228)
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17.04 KB JPG
Picks up around episode 6 when best angel appears.

Also note that this show focuses more on character development instead of the actual mechs, if more time spent on characters really isn't your thing, though we do get some great fight scenes out of it.

Everything really takes a darker shift around episode 14 though.
File: 12344543653465.png (115.02 KB, 480x640)
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I really hope Unit 1 comes back in Final.
>best angel
>There was a scene where Shinji and the girl just stood staring at each other for like.. a full minute at a train station.
What's the point now that Asuka's voice actor has passed away?

Man, i so have to buy the VHS

Actually, i have them
File: 123.jpg (12.28 KB, 132x190)
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12.28 KB JPG
>God's gift
My nigga

>implying we're not just getting an Evanjellion 5.0
File: wat.png (344.46 KB, 720x735)
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344.46 KB PNG
>Asuka's voice actor has passed away
File: 1391529921991.png (7.50 KB, 211x246)
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7.50 KB PNG
Thank you for reminding me how everything that isn't TOS looks like shit.

It will shift for a few episode in a monster of the week format, and you should get a few acion scenes, then go full grimdark. The characters will be definitely doing things, only msot of them will be exposed through exposition and showy action will be limited.
I'd recommend to soldier through at least until roughly half of the show. If you aren't hooked by episode 14, drop it.
She isn't dead. She is going to die, though.

Master ruselord. They're both alive, YĆ«ko Miyamura just won't be able to lend her voice in anime again.
>Shinji is such a wuss, it's annoying
That's the point you dumbass.
>fucking slow
How do you actually fucking finish something that's actually slow? Right, I probably shouldn't even bother asking.

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